Finnish Jihadist Sent Back To Finland…….

A Finnish convert to Islam was returned to Finland after being arrested by a Georgian border guard, while on his way to Chechnya to join the jihad against the Russians. The Finnish jihadi, “Abu Ibrahim”, son of a Finnish officer, waited before going on his journey to receive permission from his Finnish mother, herself a convert to Islam. She finally gave in after it was clear that he intended on going anyway, his convert wife had already approved.

So a mother and her two children convert to Islam and send off “Abu” to wage war against the infidel Russians. What’s interesting is that the Finn “Abu”, received encouragement in his road to Jihad from not only his family members, but from his other co-religionists at the Mosque in Helsinki.

“Over the course of four years Abu Ibrahim has learned about Islam by reading and talking with Muslims living in Finland. First, he learned that one must strive to fulfil God’s will on Earth. He then made the connection between striving to achieve a common goal and fighting alongside his fellow warriors. “Jihad is valued in Islam. Its purpose is to protect Islam, Muslims and all oppressed people, to restore justice to the Earth, and to see to it that God’s will is done. No terrorism is involved. The Prophet forbids the killing of women and children”, Abu Ibrahim explains. “According to the Prophet Muhammad, a Muslim who has never felt the will, or sought to take part in the Jihad, will die a hypocrite.”

That “Abu” chose Chechnya as the destination for his jihadist activities, is due to Finland’s experiences with Soviet Russia during WWII, feeling a natural affinity with his Islamic brothers since they shared a common enemy. What is very disturbing, is that “Abu” has learned the following while still living in liberal, progressive Finland.

“In a holy war a Muslim’s willingness to sacrifice his life to God may be very literal. Abu Ibrahim says that he has understood this. “Everyone dies at a predetermined time anyway. It is better to be performing a virtuous deed in the name of God than to be sitting on a couch watching television when the moment comes.” He stresses the fact that the true life of an observant Muslim is the eternal afterlife. A Muslim’s time on Earth is just preparation for the real thing.”

This has to be a wake up call for the Finnish authorities, that Finland is prone to such extremism, while supposedly being on the fringes of the overall “War On TerrorIslamist Extremism” has to be unnerving for everyone. More here. KGS

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