EU Rushes To Recognize The Islamist PA…….

The European Union under the “leadership” of Finland, is nearly tripping over itself to recognize the Islamist/Fattah “unity government” of the P.A.. Due to the inability of the Islamists to pay their gunmen, (proving the impossibility of trying to run a government from suitcases stuffed with cash) Hamas is now trying to get what it couldn’t do alone, mass funding of its terrorist entity.

It really isn’t surprising that the EU has already given its “de-facto” approval over the new “unity government”, most of the EU states were loathe to follow the US’s lead in denying the Hamas lead government any recognition in the first place, including Finland. Erkki Tuomioja (seated second from the left) has never missed an opportunity to “understand” the Palestinians in spite of their horrendous record of using the Europeans as “sugar daddies”, and EU funding for weapons and corruption. Great move guys. More here. KGS

From Vital Perspectives:
“Foreign Ministers from the EU have agreed to back a Palestinian unity government despite U.S. misgivings. “We agreed that we have to support the new Palestinian government. It’s a very important turning point for the situation,” Italian FM Massimo D’Alema said.” Javier Solana told us in the platform there will be recognition by the new government of the treaty signed by the Palestinian Authority in the past – it means recognise Israel as a partner.”

This would be news to us, because we haven’t seen a single report of any physical document in existence with any platform, nor have any of our contacts. Moreover, while recognizing Israel’s right to exist is a key component for the resumption of foreign aid, the Quartet (EU, U.S., Russia and UN) have repeatedly stated that the Hamas-led government must also renounce violence and accept previous peace accords. That doesn’t mean some previous peace accords or the ones that are in accordance with Palestinian goals as determined by Hamas, but all previous peace accords. If every government in the international community were not bound by all of the treaties signed by prior governments there would be anarchy around the globe.”

Also noteworthy: Amnesty International, after much criticism, manages to blame Hizbullah for war crimes……after repeatedly accusing Israel for the same. Morally equating both sides, ..but with Israel just a bit more . Hizbullah aims its rockets filled with ball bearings exclusively at Israeli population centers, while hiding it men and weaponry amongst its own people. Israel hits an overwhelming percentage ( 96%)of its firepower at military targets and gets blamed for the same. What a blind world we live in. Thanks for the heads up Toby!

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