Amnesty International’s Moral Relativism And Anti-Israel Bias…….

The human rights(for everyone else but Israel) organization, Amnesty International, couldn’t resist the temptation to morally equalize both sides in the Lebanon war, but still nonetheless, manages to lambaste Israel in its report as the chief aggressor; “Deliberate destruction or ‘collateral damage’? Israeli attacks against civilian infrastructure”.

While the report criticizes the Hezbollah for launching rockets indiscriminately towards civilian targets, Amnesty’s report takes clear aim at Israel (its true target) for willfully targeting Lebanese civilians and non military related infrastructure, such as petrol and water facilities, bridges and roads. Lets be clear here, AI and Human Rights Watch as well as other NGO’s have had a built in bias towards anything the Jewish state does, or doesn’t do.

That a terrorist organization like Hezbollah (that gets wide credit for its “welfare infrastructure”) has cynically used its own people as human shields, which has been clearly documented in a number of videos and photos showing Hezbollah militia in civilian clothing, operating anti-aircraft weapons and katusha rocket launchers, all strategically situated within civilian areas, is indefensible. There have been public statements by Hezbollah leaders who have openly admitted to using its population as shields for tactical reasons, of which UN Middle-East representative Jan Egelund has categorically condemned, demanding the Hezbollah:

“to stop this “cowardly blending . . . among women and children”. I don’t think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men.”

The title of the AI report clearly stakes out Israel as its prime target, and IMHO, only mentions Hezbollah in an attempt to forstall any claims of bias by Israel and her supporters. But it’s clear enough, as AI “experts” now exhibit their “military expertice”, and show the Israeli military “what is and what is not” of military significance. AI even refuses to clearly mention Hezbollah in connection with “war crimes”, saving that honor solely for the state of Israel, which is named two out of the three times it’s used in the AI press release. NGO’s operating in and outside the Middle-East have had a long history of bias towards the state of Israel, as this latest report from AI convincingly proves, as it focuses its aim on the victim in this conflict, Israel, while giving a rather “freepass” to the aggressor, Hezbollah. KGS

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