Iran Controls Hezbollah’s Weapons…….

I have stated before on this blog that Iranian officials have are already been on record declaring that “Iran is Hezbollah and Hezbollah is Iran”, and that “Hezbollah is a central part of Iranian foreign policies vis-a-vis Israel”. I have also noticed correctly that Israel’s IAF operations were preparing the way for Israeli ground assault forces, that were neccessary if Israel was truly serious in destroying the Hezbollah’s fighting/terrorist capabilities.

All were true, as well as the fact that Iran, through Nasrallah, is calling the shots in this war. The Jerusalem Post writes that Iran has denied the Hezbollah the chance to use their longer range Fajir missiles, which proves that Iran is in control of what Hezbollah does, and does not do. So much for the misguided “blurb” by Finland’s well known “arm chair ME analyst”, Hannu Juusola, who stated earlier that;

“the Hezbollah is not taking directions from Damascus or Tehran”.

The reason why I frequently mention this guy (Juusola), is that here in Finland, he is presently one of the most visible speakers on Finnish radio, TV and the press on Middle East issues. That he is consistantly wrong, appears not to have had much of an effect on his busy schedule with the media. KGS

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