Hezbollah Needs The UN…….

The guy on the left needs the guy on the right to help keep the Israelis from destroying Hezbollastan once and for all. According to Maj.-Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror and Dan Diker in a brief for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:

“A high-level Iranian official recently emphasized to Western diplomats in London Hizballah’s importance to Iran: “Hizballah is one of the pillars of our security strategy, and forms Iran’s first line of defense against Israel.” Walid Jumblatt, the Lebanese Druze leader, shares this perspective: “The war is no longer Lebanon’s…it is an Iranian war. Iran is telling the United States: You want to fight me in the Gulf and destroy my nuclear program? I will hit you at home, in Israel.”

One would have to ask the purpose served in ensuring the survival of this terror organization on Israel’s northern border? Does the UN Secretary General actually believe that a racist/terrorist entity like the Hezbollah, would ever have Israel’s best interest at heart? Israel is aiming its might at removing the missile threat by blowing them up where they sit. That the Hezbollah has chosen to store them within residential areas is as deplorable as it is criminal.

That the UN chief refuses to recognize that reality, by choosing to cast both sides as being equally to blame, is as typical as it is unforgivable. Its diplomatic morons such as Kofi Annan and his ilk, that continually muck the waters with their intentional obfuscations, that only blur the stark line that exists between totalitarians and democracies, treating Hezbollah and Israel as acting equals, when the truth of the matter is the exact opposite. KGS

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