Targeted Strikes Spare Most Of Lebanon…….

Finnish MTV3 news interviewed last night some of the 18 evacuated Finns arriving from Lebanon. One kid (about 18-20 yrs. old) was asked how terrible things were in Beirut. This interview of a Lebanese/Finnish youth proves that Israel is being careful not to target the general public.

Reporter: How does the situation feel in Lebanon?
Kid: Well, the situation isn’t as bad as is being claimed. The place where I was at, was pretty peaceful. But I did see some bombs fall.
Reporter: Do you have any family still there?
Kid: Yes, a brother and my father.
Reporter: Don’t you fear for their well being?
Kid: Yes a little bit, but as I see the situation its really not all that bad.

This was shown only a coulple of times before being pulled, no longer included with the other interviews. Apparently it slipped by one of MTV3’s many “gate keepers”. KGS

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