Iraqi Mobile Labs, CIA Got It Wrong…….Again

The CIA’s own calculations on the amount of hydrogen that could be produced in the mobile labs found during Operation Iraqi Freedom, (in order for them to be classified as being nothing more than mobile “weather balloon” filling stations) has now been proved to have been wrong.

Iraqi Mobile Biological Warfare Agent Production Plants that were described by Colin Powel to the UN, appear now to have been indeed a part of the Iraqi’s WMD production facilities.

The Captain’s Quarters post a significant piece that refutes the calculations the CIA used in determining the actual intented use of those mobile labs:

“The Iraqi Survey Group Final Report, Annex D, Biological Weapons
Process Description section, states that “This is a batch process designed to produce sufficient H2 to fill 5x40l bottles to a pressure of between 40-50 bar”. This is equivalent to 50x5x40l =10,000 liters or 10 m3 at atmospheric pressure. Thus, from 2. , 0.84 kg of hydrogen must be produced. The next sentence in Process Description; the report states “This requires 10-12 kg of Aluminum powder, 1-1.5 kg flaked/ granulated NaOH, and 25-30 liters of water.” 1 kg of NaOH would only make 0.075 kg. However, from 1. , what is actually needed is 0.84/0.075 = 11.2 kg NaOH, using up 7.56 kg aluminum.

4. At first I thought that there might have been a typo. I went back to the Process Outline section of the report which described the purported Russian system which is one tenth the volume of the Iraqi reactor. I found that the ratio of reagents for the Russian system is the same as the report states for the Iraqi system. Thus the 100 g or 0.1 kg NaOH would only make 7.5 g hydrogen instead of the 84 g needed for the 1 m3 balloon. How is it that the “experts” who wrote the report and those who approved it did not catch these errors?”

When all of this has been thoroughly investigated with the numbers crunched enough times to satisfy the majority of specialists and other experts, only then can anything be deduced from the discoveries made by Coalition forces. Read more here. KGS

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