Saddam Regime Collaborated With And Supported Islamic Jihad Elements…….

This article published by Fox News removes all doubt as to whether Saddam Hussein was involved with terrorist jihadi groups prior to 9/11 attacks on the US. He was up to his neck in collaboration and support of these various groups, even funding the far away islamists of Abu Sayyaf, in the Philippines.

Not only have WMD’s been discovered in Saddam’s hellish nightmare of Iraq, but also concrete ties to terrorist groups throughout the ME. Its time for the Left and its supporters to finally put to rest the stupid claim of “Bush Lied” bla bla bla ad nauseum, and start supporting the war on Islamist terrorism. KGS

UPDATE: Saddam’s WMD by Peter Hoekstra andRick Santorum in the WSJ.

[Mr. Hoekstra is the chairman of the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence. Mr. Santorum is the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference Committee. ]

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