Israeli Kidnapped…….

An Israeli soldier was kidnapped and two others killed, in an attack on Israeli forces inside Israel. Three teams of Palestinians emerged from a tunnel dug under the border fence with Gaza, managing to murder an Israeli soldier and an officer, while wounding four other soldiers.

The Israeli government holds both Abbas and Haniya to blame for the deaths and the abduction, and has sent Israeli armed forces into the Gaza Strip to hunt for the missing soldier. Hamas says that the soldier is wounded and is being treated by them, and want to exchange him for prisoners Israel is holding.

The Palestinians have not yet recognized the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as the beginning of something worthwhile that will bring each side that much closer to a comprehensive settlement. Hamas has continued its terrorism under the auspices of other terror groups that are allowed to function unmolested in the areas under its control. Its not unlike what Yasser Arafat did in the territories during the Oslo years, and the what the Syrians and Iranians are doing with their patronage of the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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