Hamas’ Back In The Street Boys…….

The specter of a Palestinian civil war looms even closer, with the return of the Hamas’ “Black Militia” security force to Palestinian streets, only a day after pulling them out. In an act of defiance of Mahmoud Abbas’ ultimatum to the Hamas, :

“in 10 days to back a proposal that recognizes Israel, or face a national vote on the issue 30 days later.”

they opt instead for the return of the controversial armed militia back into the streets of the PA. Ed Morrissey at the Captain’s Quarters has more on that here. What we are seeing here is an actual showdown between the two main rivaling forces of Hamas and Fatah, each vying for the center of power in the PA. According to the Sunday Times, :

“Civil war is inevitable,” a senior Palestinian security official said last week. He predicted a bloody denouement to tensions heightened by a warning from Abbas that he will hold a referendum on proposals for separate Palestinian and Israeli states which the Hamas government refuses to accept.

“Time is running out for Hamas. We’ll choose the right time and place for the military showdown. But after that there will be no more of Hamas’s militias,” said the official as he sipped honey-laced mint tea in his sitting room while watching the antics of hooded militants on his television.

“I read our daily intelligence reports about Hamas and know very well that these people are planning to overthrow our president by force.”

Either way you look at it, lines are being drawn by both sides, with the Hamas just recently stepping over the one made by PA president, Mahmoud Abbas. Israel of course is continuing on with the building of their anti-terror barrier, in expectation of more dangerous times ahead. The ball is now squarely in the Palestinian camp, where they kick it is up to them. KGS

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