What To Do About Iran……?

Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens, offers some very sound advice that wouldn’t involve a single shot fired.

  1. Take the diplomatic offensive.
  2. Target the regime’s financial interests.
  3. Support an independent labor movement.
  4. Threaten Iran’s gasoline supply.

I happen to agree with all of the proposals, but especially the last one which will hit Iran where it will hurt the most, ….its gas supply.

“Iran is often said to have an oil weapon pointed at George Bush’s head. Rob Andrews, a Democratic congressman from New Jersey, notes the reverse is closer to the truth: Because Iran lacks refining capacity, it must import 40% of its gasoline. Of that amount, fully 60% is handled by a single company, Rotterdam-based Vitol, which has strategic storage and blending facilities in the UAE. The regime also spends $3 billion a year to subsidize below-market gas prices.”

Read more. KGS

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