Top Terrorist Killed…….


Top Islamic Jihad terrorist killed

May 14th 2006
“Elias Ashkar was involved in almost every terror attack in Israel in the last year In a joint IDF, ISA and Israeli Police arrest operation today, May 14th 2006, in the village of Kabatiya, south of Jenin, IDF forces encircled the structure in which several Islamic Jihad terrorists were hiding. An exchange of fire ensued between the forces and the wanted men, five of the gunmen were killed. Among them was Elias Ashkar, the most wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist in the West Bank, who was responsible for almost all the terror attacks carried out inside Israel in the last year, including the most recent terror attack in Tel Aviv on April 17th in which the number of Israelis killed rose today to 11. Ashkar was currently involved in planning a suicide bombing inside Israel.”

Also, The IDF, during an opertion in Nablus, (the bomb making capital of the WB) discovered a homicide suicide belt destined to be used in a terrorist operation inside Israel. KGS

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