US Teen Dies From Wounds…….

Daniel Wultz became the 11 victim of the Palestinian homicide bombing in Tel Aviv, dying from his wounds that were inflicted upon him during Pessah. This will certainly bring a sense of glee and delight to one of Islamic Jihad’s leaders, Abu Nasser, who said in a statement to WND that Wultz is the “best target combination we can dream of – American and Zionist,”. And these are the very same people who demand money, respect and credibility from the US and rest of the IC? Not from me. Read more. KGS

UPDATE: Rabbi Yisroel Spalter of the Chabad of Weston Florida (to which the Wulz family belongs) stated: “Daniel was a young man that everyone loved,” If there was one word that could describe him was that he loved – people, living creatures, God. He was such a good soul; so determined; so committed; there were no compromises with him. Jewish life was all-consuming for him. He wanted to do everything right, and our relationship grew because of it. I feel now as if a hand of mine has been cut off.”

Lior Enidzer, 26, was the tenth victim of the suicide bombing in Neve Sha’anan.

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