Osama Defends Hamas Against Crusaders…….

Osama is now ”convinced” that the West’s crusade is against Islam, though in reality what they at war with, is the same brand of racist/religious facism of Hamas, that Al-Qaida is famous for. Thanks to Osama for clearing that up for all of us, that Al-Qaida and Hamas are two sides of the same Islamofacist coin.

Now please, to all those who still hold out the hope of finding some good in the terrorist government of Hamas, please keep in mind that they have Osama Bin Laden pulling for them as well. That same brand of intolerant radical “fire brand jihadim” that flows through Al-Qaida, has Hamas for a kissing cousin. As the new Director General of the Palestinian interior ministry Jamal Abu Samhadana says:
“We have only one enemy. They are Jews. We have no other enemy.” Read more. KGS

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