True Optimism Found In Abu Gosh, Israel…….

I have dined at Mr.Ibrahim’s restuarant in Abu Gosh, and I can say first hand that his food is of the very best quality, served with the world’s best humous in an incredible atmosphere. The type of co-existence long hoped by many, can be experienced in that humble establishment. KGS

“Ibrahim, born and raised in Abu Ghosh, has become the town’s most famous inhabitant. Like many from the town, he left at the age of 21 for America, settling in Chicago. While many people go to the United States to seek their fortune, few achieve that goal as completely as he did – he won the Illinois state lottery, and returned home to Abu Ghosh in 1993 $22 million richer than when he left. Upon his return, the first thing he did was to establish a fund that handed out scholarships to both Arab and Jewish university students. “Many people asked me why I was giving scholarships to Jewish students,” he told ISRAEL21c, “since there are already a lot of organizations that do exactly that. My answer was that I wanted Jewish organizations to start giving money to Arab students.” Read more.

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