Dhimmitude Finland Mo-toons

What Once Was Is Not Anymore…….

Finnish publisher succumbs to the political correctness of the day. In an op-ed titled ‘It Could Have Happened Here’ By Saska Snellman, he writes about how Finland could have become the center of attention in the Islamic world over a book being published by the Finnish publisher Gummerus.

It appears that since the Mohamed cartoon brouhaha, Gummerus has made an editorial decision to delete the Prophet’s image intirely, and substitute it with an inscription written in Arabic.

On today’s Sunday pages in Helsingin Sanomat there is a short piece about a book to be published by Gummerus [a Finnish translation of Barnaby Rogerson’s The Prophet Muhammad: A Biography], on the cover of which was Muhammad’s face. Now the cover is being redesigned. As recently as last autumn, depicting Muhammad was not a taboo in Finland.”

It now sure as ”heck fire” is. KGS

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