Iran Consensus ‘Very Close’…….

Let us hope that the consensus reached between Russia and Germany, is a decision to bring Iran before the UN Security Council for a vote on sanctions. The present situation has been allowed to go on long enough, with the Iranian leadership being unimpressed by all the ‘stern talk’ given by the Europeans. The recent removal of UN IAEA seals by Iran, can be interpreted by the international community as a middle finger being waved by Iranian president Ahmadinejad.

Europe is reasonably concerned over the Iranian threat to disrupt the normal flow of oil on which they depend, reflecting the timid stance they taken thus far. But its no excuse for letting Iran achieve their ultimate goal of another Muslim nuke bomb, this time a Shiia one (Pakistan being the first). The racist and highly loopy president needs to be finally served an ultimatum of, ”end the program once and for all, or face severe economic hardships through international sanctions”.

Ahmadinejad’s open overtures to the president of Venezuela cannot be mistaken. He is trying to form his own oil cartel that would serve as an effective means in intimidating both the US and Europe, to not bring them before the UN Security Council for sanctions. Iran’s meddling in South America is a worrisome development.

The Europeans and the US need to stand tough against any increase in oil prices or oil shortages, and see this thing through. This is a country who has a leader that openly calls for the destruction of a fellow UN member state, Israel. He has openly challenged the factual history of the Jewish Holocaust, terming it as a myth., and Venezuela president Hugo Chavez has also made extremely anti-Semitic statements as well. These are very dangerous developments and the need for them to be addressed soon is great.

The alternative would be devastating. KGS

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