Human Rights of Christians in Palestinian Society

I would like to ”shine more light” on the persecution of Christian Arabs, and on how much ”they appreciate the Jewish state”, as something that guarantees their continued existence in the Muslim ME.

In the West Bank, the Muslim Arab majority continues to oppress the tiny Christian Arab community, by violating their human rights in every imaginable way. Why has the western media and our politicians continue to turn a ‘blind eye’ to the persecution of these Christian Arabs?

The way in which the Palestinian Authority treats its own people, should be linked to any future Israeli concessions. If they so willingly violate the human rights of their own citizens, how can they be expected to not violate the human rights of their neighbors? Dictatorships/thugocracies will always need an outside enemy (Israel) to rally the masses, and intimidation to quiet the voices of dissent. KGS59

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