UN playing defense for Iran

IAEA’s ElBaradei, provides Iran with complete assurances that, ”there will be no act of Iranian intransigence that will not be rewarded with more time to be even more intransigent.” KGS59

UN playing defense for Iran

By Anne Bayefsky
“Remember the Nobel Peace Prize decision of only a few weeks ago? The recipient was Mohamed ElBaradei, Director General of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, and the agency he directs.At the time, many heralded a Peace Prize awarded prematurely as a means to encourage real progress. On the contrary, ElBaradei has now been emboldened to continue down the path of obstructionism he set for himself long ago.Less than a month after the award, ElBaradei has placed himself between Iran and those states wanting to take serious action against the nuclear ambitions of this genocidal regime. Speaking this week at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, ElBaradei said “As long as we are making progress and as long as we don’t see clear and present danger, let us continue at it … before we take escalated measures.”So-called “escalated measures” are actually acting in compliance with the IAEA statute.”

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