The French Intifada

France’s multiculturalism, is now biting the hand that fed it.

The ‘Intifada’ that is now raging in the streets of France, is directly related to the immigration policy forged by Paris decades ago, by which French society would be reconstructed with the help of immigrants from its former colonies.

The ‘mutual’ understanding that was reached between France and the Arab League, was that the immigrants would not be forced to conform to the customs of the land, France would retain its exclusive ‘French identity’, while the immigrants’ their Islamic cultural. In this way, both sides would be free from the other, while at the same time sharing in the benifits. This form of cultural ‘Apratheid’, carried the seeds of disaster from its conception, and its now all coming a head.

The question that remains is, how will the French solve their own intifada, …….without one side giving up its culture?

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