Swede "planned suicide attack"

Swedish and Danish terrorists have been caught and apprehended, before they were able to carry out a homicide suicide bombing.


“Published: 28th October 2005 18:26 CET
Police in Sarajevo have said that the Swede held in the city on terror charges was to be a suicide bomber. On Thursday Danish police arrested four men who they suspect were to have helped him.”In the apartment where he lived, a videotape was found on which the Swede and the other guy prayed to Allah for forgiveness, because they were going to blow themselves up,” said journalist Mirsad Fasic at the Sarajevo paper, Slobodan Bosna.In its latest edition the paper, which says it has sources within the police, wrote that the Swede and the Turkish man who is also being held had lived in Sarajevo for a month and had moved between three apartments. As well as the video, police are said to have discovered 30 kilos of explosives, a belt for carrying out a suicide attack and weapons in a raid.The target for the attack is unknown. “

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