Amnesty’s Bogus Report: Arabs Abuse Women, Israel Gets Blamed

Once again, Alan Dershowitz (professor of law at Harvard University) tells it like it is. NGO’s, like Amnesty International, are losing their credibility by continuing to focus a disproportionate amount of their time and effort on Israel. When it comes to the Jewish state, AI is biased.

“Consider, for example, a recent report by Amnesty International on violence perpetrated against Palestinian women by Palestinian men in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The report purported to be “part of the global A.I. campaign to stop violence against women.” Such violence is a serious problem, especially in the Arab and Muslim world, because so few leaders within these groups are prepared to condemn it, and so many even justify it as a necessary means of maintaining family honor and male dominance. The report documents honor killings of women who had been raped. In one such case, a 17-year-old was murdered by her own mother after she was “repeatedly raped by two of her brothers.”

“I spoke with Donatella Rovera, A.I.’s researcher, and asked her to provide the data on which she had based her conclusion that violence against women had escalated to an “unprecedented level” during the occupation, especially during its most militarized phase.

And I asked her whether A.I. had compared violence against women in the occupied West Bank and Gaza with violence against women in unoccupied Arab-Muslim areas that have comparable populations, such as Jordan. Rovera acknowledged that Amnesty could provide no such data, and confirmed that the report was based on anecdotal information, primarily from Palestinian organizations.”

Hat tip; RB

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