Sticking It to the "Insurgents"

The overwhelming majority of Iraqis voted in favour of the new constitution, while a not surprisingly small group of supporters of the head chopping ”Jihadi” terrorists ……didn’t.

Iraq is now well on its way in showing the world, just how seriousness their committment is to democracy, by holding their second important vote in less than a year. The average Iraqi knows that, the terrorists are not the ”freedom fighters” the radical Left in the west makes them out to be, because its clear to them, that their intentions are to enslave, rather than to ”free” anyone.

All of this comes as absolutely NO surprise to those of us who have followed all the good news happening inside Iraq. To the liberal media though, it comes as a ”shock”. I have said for some time now that the terrorists lack a political base, and therefor their influence to determine the future of Iraq is non existant. The west has to wake up and smell the ‘tahina’ and start reporting the good news coming from that new democracy, and refuse to print editorials that seek to deligitimize their hard earned freedom.

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