Finnish President Tarja Halonen in Armenia asked for recognition of Turkish massacre


For Halonen, the Armenian genocide is just mere history.

Typical spineless politician, she refuses and offers pathetic excuse why. So I have to ask, how does that rationale apply to the former Soviet Union, Germany and other countries guilty of mass murder ? According to the logic of the Finnish President, Rwanda and the Sudan should not become prisoners of their past ?

halonen and erdogan

Halonen in Armenia asked for recognition of Turkish massacre

President avoids question by focusing on future


“During her visit to Armenia on Tuesday, President Tarja Halonen found herself in the middle of a debate on the sensitive issue of the Turkish massacre of more than a million Armenians during the First World War and shortly thereafter. The discussion took place soon after the Finnish President had laid a wreath at a monument to the victims of the genocide in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

Armenian journalists asked the Finnish President if she would publicly recognise the events as an act of genocide. A number of countries, including France, have already done so. Turkey has refused to admit that genocide had taken place, and this refusal is one factor which has helped inflame relations between Armenia and Turkey; their border is closed off, and there are no diplomatic ties between the two countries.”

“According to the President, Finland is not in the habit of giving recognition to historical events. She said that every generation has the right to re-examine history, and every country has a right to its own history. She added that countries should not become prisoners of history.”

“On the question of Nagorno-Karabakh – an ethnically Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan – Halonen offered the autonomous status of Finland’s Åland Islands as a model.

A fiery-eyed student responded: “Azerbaijan is not Sweden”.

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