Jordan is Palestine

Which is Palestinian
and which is Jordanian?

On the same day Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, delivered a speech in Tel Aviv where he declared that Jordan is indeed the state of the Palestinians, the Argentinean government also made a declaration, it said it recognized a Palestinian state in pre-1967 borders of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Both statements caused a stir in many places around the world.

PVV Dutch MP, Geert Wilders:
“Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.”

In light of the far reaching ramifications of both statements, they should be then scrutinized for their veracity and historical factuality. First of all, is Jordan a Palestinian state? When looking at the map of the British mandate for what was known then as “Palestine”, it becomes quite clear what area was originally earmarked for the Jewish homeland.

At the end of the First World War, the division of responsibilities for the administering of the Middle East areas fell to the various Western powers victorious over the Ottoman Turks, as mandates, under the auspices of the League of Nations, it was during that time that the famous Balfour Declaration was made:

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur James Balfour

The Balfour Declaration was accepted by the British Mandate in 1917, which then became subject to a White Paper that many believe reneged on it’s earlier promise, that being a commitment to allowing Jews a homeland. But the paper did insist however that:

“the Jewish community should know that it is in Palestine as of right and not on the sufferance. That is the reason why it is necessary that the existence of a Jewish National Home in Palestine should be internationally guaranteed, and that it should be formally recognized to rest upon ancient historic connection.”

Palestine Facts states that: “The area of the Mandate was originally 118,000 square kilometers (about 45,000 square miles). In 1921, Britain took the 91,000 square kilometers of the Palestine Mandate east of the Jordan River, and created Trans-Jordan (later the Arab country of Jordan) as a new Arab protectorate. Jews were barred by law from living or owning property east of the Jordan river, even though that land was over three-fourths of the original Mandate.”

A Jordanian State stamp dating from 1964, bearing the likeness of King Hussein and pictures Mandated Palestine as an undivided territory

The Arab official line before a “two state solution” became stated policy of Israel and the West, was that the people in Trans-Jordan cum Jordan were indivisible from those Arabs inside Israel proper, Judea and Samaria. In fact there are statements by leading Arabs buttressing the notion that indeed: Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.

This is the royal decree and sentiments of two of the kings of Jordan.

“Palestine and Jordan are one…” said King Abdullah in 1948.

“The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan,” said King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981.

“Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate,” Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970.

Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared, in 1980, “The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture.”

What are we to conclude from this other than the historical perspective at the time, that being, they (the Arabs) saw themselves as being part of Palestine/Palestinian. Around 70% of the Jordanian population today, still see themselves as Palestinians. Even Yasser Arafat and his PLO thugs looked to Jordan as being a part of their homeland.

Abu Toameh:

When the PLO tried to establish a state-within-a-state in the kingdom in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Jordan’s King Hussein ordered the army to launch a massive assault on the refugee camps in the kingdom, massacring thousands of Palestinians in what has since become to be known as Black September.

The Palestinians who were expelled from Jordan to Lebanon later played a major role in the Lebanese civil war. Over 100,000 people are believed to have been killed in that war, which lasted for more than a decade.

Lets face facts, the three state solution has become an intractable mess, there is no room for budging on the Israeli side, every square centimeter given to these Arabs as a permanent part of a second Palestinian state, spells trouble for the Jewish state as it’s used as a launching pad for further aggression against it.

The Palestinians (which used to mean Jews in Palestine before Israel became a state) are not able to form a state for themselves, because they refuse to accept the responsibility for actually running it. They have proven themselves to be more comfortable in accepting massive amounts of foreign aid, while they continually try to chip away at Israeli legitimacy on the world stage.

Time to end the pretending that these Arabs are really serious about wanting a state of their own, and accept the fact that it’s the massive amounts of foreign aid that really interests them most, as well as the hope of one day getting rid of the highly successful  Jewish one. KGS

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  1. English Viking says:

    Good post.

    Nice to see someone who knows what they are talking about, someone with facts, not emotion and propaganda.

  2. olga kasabian says:

    there are stamps of british mandate palestine teritorry alone wihout the jordan area. get your facts straight. israel was never on any map in history.

    • Boris says:

      By saying history, do you mean:
      A. Deamons and Angels
      B. Balfour Declaration
      C. The Bible

      Because in two of them Israel does appear. With clear borders.

      I didn’t hear your comments about what did the Arabs say about the Palestine division plan (two countries for two nations, proposed in the 1920s. Phill’s convention).
      Hmm.. Jews accepted this proposition, even though they had the minority of land, mostly of which was in the desert.
      Guess who didn’t like it.

      • Lars says:

        Regarding C on your list:

        “From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.”

        • Leo says:

          You forgot to clarify your one-liner. It has been some men who have done this. And because some men have misused God’s Word certainly doesn’t mean that God Himself has been discredited… but those men.

          It’s easy to make short blanket statements to prop up one’s own views. I think you’ve done just that.

  3. marilyn says:

    I am a born-again believer in Father God,and Yeshua. According to My Bible,Genesis 1;1=In the beginning God created the [whole universe]{earth}.The Jews are His chosen People. He also gave them [the twelve tribes of ISRAEL] All ISRAEL including Jordan! If I were You,I wouldn’t go against God! The other countrys have no right to interfear,or judge Gods Holy Word. John 3:16=For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son,and WHOSOEVER Believeth in Him shall not perish by have EVERLASTING LIFE.{Yes there is Life after Death because People were made in GODS IMAGE}! There is no country or Other People greater than FATHER GOD AND YESHUA.

    • Intouch with Reality says:

      Hahahaha, so lost in your weak mind that you blindly follow personally interpreted rubbish.

  4. Stephane Poirot says:

    In the main, a well backgrounded story of Britain’s colonial intrigues: Give 77% of land that does not belong to them to foreign Hashemite leader and include in the package a military officer, Glubb Pasha, and brigade of ex-British Army mercenaries, supply them with tanks, munitions and give them a free hand in securing the area. Securing also means passing laws that forbid Jews from residing within the territory east of the Jordan River,and from owning land east of the Jordan River (why is it no one condemns Jordan as racist and apartheid, nor condemns Britain for supporting racist /apartheid laws?)
    As to Marilyn’scomments: The claims on the Land of Israel inherited in the Old Testaments hold little water, and like assertions by Arab politiicians that the Jews were given their piece of Palestine because of the Holocaust, make little difference in the United Nations, nor among the nations of the world. What matters is that Israel was founded by Jews dedicated to building and defending their own country, and legally recognized by the United Nations, the same organization that consistently, and baselessly, condemns them for defending their borders and their right to exist (this is easily explained by examining the list of members in the UN Security Council). Marilyn alsoerrs in claiming that Israel included Jordan – what was included was land east of the Jordan River, but not all of Jordan, which was inhabited by neighboring tribes, such as the Edomites.
    The rational solution to the situation today is a 2 states solution: Israel and Palestine (the majority of Palestine consisting of what is Presently the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (interesting that the liberals condemn Israel for wanting to preserve their identity as a Jewish State, while never mentioning that Jordan is a Hashemite kingdom, or that Iran is an Islamic republic – a contradiction in terms!). Palestine would maintain their capital in Rabat Amman, and work out a joint governance of what is presently called th West Bank/Judea and Samaria, allowing Palestinians and Jews (Israelis) to reside in the sector (claims from Palestinians that Jews have no rights to land in Judea and Samaria are falacious, given the long history of Jewish residence in Havron, and morerecent stories of ethnic cleansing of the Gush Emunim settlements during the 1948 War. Palestinian claims on Gaza are unilateral, as the territory is not desired by Israel or Egypt (Gaza was never part of a Jewish region regarding partition, and Israel wantsnothing to do with ruling the area.
    When everything went astray, and even Israelis abandoned Gold Meir’s definition of a 2 state solution, I do not know, but somehow, we must go back to that definition if we are to attain a resolution in Palestine (Israel, Palestine and Transjordan).

  5. Jaccob says:

    Hay… i think you guys are using words from a phrase !!!!
    so strange how you guys turn a hole meaning …
    So funny you are…
    and ur using a phrase also in talking about historical matters ..
    wake up guys ..
    and say just one phrase Correct …

    • KGS says:

      How are we to understand your incoherent comment? Can’t make out what you’re trying to say Jaccob, maybe it’s because you’rr so outraged at Israel that you can’t formulate proper sentences.

      • Raymond says:

        Muddled thinking always results in muddled incoherent language.

        This guy needs to go back to English classes and learn to write a sentence that expresses clearly what he means.

  6. Tim says:

    Finally, at long last, someone is saying the same thing that I’ve been saying till I’m blue-in-the-face. Jordan was part of the British Mandate and was called ‘Palestine’. They gave the area, called ‘Palestine’, to Abdulla the following year, which later became known as ‘Jordan’. That is a fact-a historical fact. There is a Palestinian state, and it is called ‘Jordan’. In all reality, this is no longer Israel’s problem; the problem lies with the Heshemite Kingdom of Jordan in letting the Palestinian refugees in the Kingdom, despite the ‘Black September’ massacre. Imagine the IDF mass killing thousands of Palestinians like the Jordanians did. International outrage, including the Obama White House, would be immediate and scathing (and rightly so). But when it comes to Jordan, no one recalls the event, and no one is told of it. Odd.

  7. Stephane Pereire says:

    You need to go farther back in your history, or simply refer to authors like Avi Shlaim, who write about the Hashemites and Israel: Abdullah, the present king of Jordan’s grandfather, was son of Husayn, Sherif of Mecca, with much ambition to rule an Arab kingdom from Arabia to Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. After being thrown out of the Hejaz by the Sauds, and losing Mecca, Abdullah was given TransJordan by the British, and proped up by the Arab Legion (which was led by, financed by and armed by the British).
    While Churchil thought that giving Abdullah his own Emirate, takig from Palestine the region east of the Jordan River, Abdullah thought his kingdom too small, and claimed Maan and Aqaba from the Saudis, and coveted western Palestine for his kingdom as well.
    Emir Abdullah finally got his opportunity to claim a holy city and part of western Palestine when, in 1948, his Arab neighbors attacked Israel. The British-backed Arab Legion took over the west bank and Jerusalem (they evicted Jews from the Old City and from kibbutzim near Hebron, and even built a wall to divide the city, preventing former Jewish Jerusalemites from returning to their homes.
    So not only did the Hashemites take over a good part of Palestine, whih they ruled for 20 years, keeping Palestinians in misrable conditions (it was never the Israelis who kept Palestinians in refugee camps), the Jordanians were the first to built a segregation wall nd inforced an apartheid policy against Jews.
    Because Jordan annexed Jerusalem, the members of the Arab League, the British and the UN never condemned Jordan for taking over the territory, or treating the Palestinians as refugees in their own land, it was only when Israel liberated the territory, that thhese parties condemned Israel for surviving the Arab forces in 1967, and releasing the territories from non-Palestinian annexation.
    The world has to know that as far back as 1920, Arabs put forth political ideas of a united Syria, Palestine and Jordan, all ruled by a single foreign regent from an alien (the Hashemites were from the Hejaz) clan, with no connection to the Palestinians, Jordanians or Syrians.
    In as much as the Palestinians complain that the British had no right to promise a homeland in Palestine for the Jews, they had no right to ensconce the Hashemites in Iraq, Syria and TransJordan; but they did, and having done so, the British even prevented the locals, including Emir Abdullah, from consummating agreements with Jews to invest in, settle in and develop agricultural developments outside of the designated west Palestinian territory (again, more apartheid policies, not of the Jews or Israelis making).
    The British left Emir Abdullah and his arid kingdom impoverished and reliant on the British Foreign Office, and British troops. They also built up sentiment in the area against the Zionists west of the Jordan River.
    Had the British allowed the peoples living in the area to work out their issues amongst themselves, the map would have been very different, and we would be talking of a two state solution consisting og Palestine.Jordan and Israel, trading with each other, and managing more porous borders, allowing more freedom for crossing, for commerce and for development.

    • KGS says:

      Avi Shlaim is a hack, having been fully discredited by Efraim Karsh and a whole host of other sound, fully accredited scholars.

    • Charles Van De Merva says:

      Will all you people stop referring to segregation as “Apartheid”!

      Apartheid is just the Responsible Government of the Republic of South Africa, way of saying “Affirmative Action” for white people! NOT Segregation!
      It was put in place after WW2 so that the men who were away fighting, could catch up! is that SO wrong?

      The fact that in the 60’s-80’s South Africa BORROWED from America! Segregation Laws, is an injustice to both apartheid and the people who suffered under segregation tactics.
      Really, If YOU’RE NOT South African who was born before 1994, You have no rite to use the word Apartheid.

    • Lenya says:

      I agree with most of your article except where your seperate the Arab “Palestinians from the Arab “Jordainians”. These are one and the same people even though Jordan is ruled by a Hashemite Arab most of the Arabs living in Jordan are “Palestinian” Arabs (around 85%) As you know both “Palestinians” and “Jordanians” were a created people. When the British mandate criminally partitioned 77% of Israel to create the Kingdom of Jordan…the Arab “Palestinians” who were fighting for their own land were meant to move to this new country but the Arab league had their own designs for the remainder of the Jewish lands and made sure that a large presence of the so call “Palestinians” remained in Israel to continue their never ending quest to drive the Jews out of all Israel. The best solution to end the conflict is for the world to recognize that there is already a Palestine east of the Jordan river and to allow to move the “Palestinian” Arabs out of all Heretz Yishrael.

  8. Martin Cohen says:

    The British have been playing the duplicitious role ever since. Having armed, trained and led the Hasjhemite Legion in the war of Independence, the British establishment have done all they can to wipe Israel off the map.
    Can you imagine Cameron criticised I srael for theGaza prison camp. Was he not aware of Gilad? He has now dropped all ties to Israel. Bastard that he is. Next time he says anything about Israel, he should be thoroughly questionned and corrected.

    • Raymond says:

      Agreed. Britain has a disgraceful history vis-à-vis Israel.

      I have an odd viewpoint (maybe not so odd).

      Countries that treat Jews badly at home or abroad inevitably reap a bad outcome.

      Look at Britain today.

      On the other hand, Australia has re-established a cordial cooperative relationship with Israel after Socialist Labour was booted out in the recent election.

      Israel can again rely on Australia to now support it in any matter where Israel’s interests are threatened.

      • Bruce H McIntosh says:

        …and I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you… ? :)

  9. Suzanne Weinstein says:

    It is said that the new Princess of Cambridge is really a Jewess. When Prince William has his first son, maybe this future King of England will be recognized as a Jew. Hopefully he will return to his Jewish roots and recognize the Law of Torah throughout the world and bring all the Jews back to Israel. In the meantime, since England loves its Arabs so much, we should just switch England’s Jews and Israel’s Arabs in a population transfer. End of problem, as Jordan doesn’t seem to want them, and Israel certainly shouldn’t keep them.

  10. Lassenfels says:

    The 1911 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica finds the population of Palestine composed of a widely differing a group of inhabitants ,speaking no less than fifty languages .In addition to the Assyrian, Persian and Roman elements of ancient times,the short-lived Egyptian government introduced into the population an element from that country which still persists in the villages. There are very large contingents from the Mediterranean countries, especially Armenia, Greece and Italy, Turkoman settlements, Persians an Afghan colony Kurds, German Templar colonies ,a Bosnian colony,Russians,French and the Circassian settlements placed by the Turkish government in order to keep a restraint on the Bedouins, an Algerian population ,while the Sudanese have been reduced in numbers since the beginning of the 20th century.
    The disparate peoples assumed and purported to be settled Arab indigenes, for a thousand years were in fact a heterogeneous community with no Palestinian identity and according to an official British analysis in 1920, no Arab identity either: The people west of the Jordan are not Arabs,only Arabic-speaking.
    The first Palestinian nationalist organisations emerged at the end of the World War I after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Dominated by the Nashashibi family who militated for the promotion of a singular Arabic language,culture and Islamic laws for Syria and Palestine thereby excluding the non-muslim populace.

    The Palestinian National Charter was amended by the PLO’s Palestine National Council in 1968,it redefined “Palestinians” as “those Arab nationals who, until 1947, resided in Palestine regardless of whether they were evicted from it or stayed there. Anyone born, after that date, of a Palestinian father – whether in Palestine or outside it – is also a Palestinian.” Thereby claiming a dominant populace with non-residents.
    “Arab nationals” is not religious-specific, and it implicitly does not exclude the Christians, Samaritans, Druze and Jews of Palestine who were at that time Arabic-speakers and ancestral natives to the land.
    The Charter also states that “Palestine with the boundaries it had during the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit.”

    In 2009, at the request of the PLO, “Jordan revoked the citizenship of thousands of Palestinians to keep them from remaining permanently in the country.”

    In Jordan there is no census data that outlines how many of the inhabitants of Jordan are Palestinians, estimates by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics cite a population range of 50% to 55%.

    According to the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is 97% Muslim and 3% Christian.Forced conversion,religious intolerance,racism and discriminatory laws have reduced what was once a world class diverse society,religious sanctury and ancestral homeland into a third world,segregated and uneducated patchwork of villages that prefer violence to logic,historical revisionism to facts and primitive destruction to modern construction.

    In the areas controlled by the Palestinian National Authority, it is treason to give assistance to Israeli troops or sell land to Jews (irrespective of nationality) and also non-Jewish Israeli citizens under the Palestinian Land Laws. Both crimes are capital offences subject to the death penalty. Likewise, in the Gaza Strip under the Hamas led government, any sort of cooperation or assistance to Israeli forces during military actions is also punishable by death.

    From 1920-1970 Arab and muslim states and territories conducted random persecution and pogroms on their Jewish citizens ,driving 1.2million people from their homes,confiscating over 1 billion dollars in bank accounts and assets and stealing land equal to four times the size of todays Israel .

    The overwhelming archeological,historical,international and legal evidence makes denial of Semitic and Jewish history in Palestine impossible.
    Judaism is the parent of monotheistic religions and as such has a right and responsibility to the birth land of their religion.As Muslims do to Mecca.The intertwining and overlapping of the three religions in Jerusalem are supported in religious text but have very little factual evidence other than a 4000 year trail of Judaic inhabitation.
    The cowardice,failure and greed of the UK ,EU,USAand UN may well have determined the final fate of the Jews in our lifetime.

  11. Mike says:

    “Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.” is the truth and I´m happy to see it written and endorsed by so many on TT. Sad makes me the fact that I don’t see our
    nordic politicians or even US etc take this matter to UN ..or just in general openly admit to this . Why don’t Hamas fire rockets on Jordan ?
    I´m sick of Arab myths being spread openly while the truth is not heard !
    One needs a license to drive a scooter in EU but no license to to become MP .
    Its high time that someone educates the MPs so they at least know the very basic facts regarding Islam as they have no idea of for instance ….Sunni,Shia,Sufi,Wahhabi,
    The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas etc.
    I´m tired to death , to be thought by muslims how my history and my politics are.
    Dont I have a right to a opinion at all ?
    Whats worse is that I feel insulted about most of it to the bone .
    At last but not least thank you tundra tabloids for publishing this matter.

  12. Mike says:

    One more matter …most African nations have gone trough changes due to politics
    and so has even parts of Europe .

    Ergo: We all change !

    Why doesn’t Egypt claim all that was theirs during the eras of the pyramids ?
    Or why doesn’t Turkey claim the same ?
    I tell you why : Because of pure antisemitism , nothing else.
    Actually they all live in a world that goes ahead , just like the
    rest of us . With a difference their rules for Jews are not
    the same as to each other.

    Can anyone deny that Israel exists, and that it has arab MPs and is the only democratic nation in the ME ? Yes Hamas does but they live them selfs on
    Egyptian or Osman Imperium or British land , or not ?

    The biggest problem is that the radical Islamist lobby can get ground and become endorsed among illiterate Arabs who’s only education is a Islamic state
    controlled anti american /West TV and some madrasas day in and day out year
    after year …no wonder they become the way they are .

    Naturally they see the things they do because their media feeds this to them !

    If our EU MPs would know and see what they write on a day to day basis they
    would faint ! Somehow the simple dot´s have to be re-connected among us in
    the west so that ME and the Arab nations become de-mystified to our political leadership.

    The only racist agenda is the Arab nations closing the Palestinians into camps
    refusing them medical care , water and electricity !
    Israel has no saying over this but still gets the blame for it .
    These palestinians are made to suffer by their own brothers !

    When will UN acknowledge this fact ?
    The past is already made, but the future is up to us all.

  13. Palestinian says:

    This article is a complete waste of time of the author and readers, most important, my time!
    It is really nice to see how one can lie, and then believe what he’s been telling, while he knows that this was all lies and a propaganda!!
    The only fact I could find in here was that England made it best just to get rid of Jews and threw them in Palestine, other than that it was all crap.
    It is about time that the world wake up and see where the violence come from and where it started from, Palestinians request international aid, only because Israel came and took everything away from them, Israeli stole Palestinian houses, farms, shops; they stole complete furnished houses from their real owners by either killing them or throwing them out, and they’re still doing so.
    only one simple question:
    If it’s really what its so called Israel, then where is it’s culture?! why you can only find Palestinian culture?!
    Hint Hint! be cause there’s nothing as real estate of Israel! it was just made up by England.
    So just leave Palestine for it’s people and enough with all this violence.

    • KGS says:

      Hey Palestinian (Samantha), regurgitating talking points from Ramallah (rather incoherently I might add) is rather fun to watch, experienced readers of this blog know far a fact that you’re full of shit. Turning facts on its ear is par for the course for you types, seeing that your name is Samantha, I take it that you’re a westerner, a leftard westerner to be exact, so that explains the 3rd grade level writing skills.

    • alyn21 says:

      There is no Palestine culture and no Palestine history. And there is no such people as Palestinians.
      All of the archaeological evidence that has been found points to the existence of a Jewish nation on the land.
      Even the so-called Muslim bible has stated that the land belongs to the Jews and that Allah will bring them back when the end of the world has come.
      The amount of evidence disputing the writer’s claims is too much to put into this short space.
      Suffice to say that the claims made are entirely without merit or historical accuracy.

    • tintin says:

      The arabo-islamic world is a huge cesspool which is overflowing over here. I realize this when I read your post, fakestinian. Same liars, same genocidal jew-haters.

    • Lenya says:

      What an imbecile ! What “Palestinian” culture are you speaking about ? Firing rockets into civilian populations ? Machetting women, toddlers and babies ? Preaching hate in your mosques and teaching children how to kill non-Muslims ?
      Teaching hatred in your schools curriculum ? Strapping bombs on women, youth and old men to commit suicidal terrorism ? Wake up and smell the roses you idiot, your culture is no different that every Arab in the middle-East. You are not unique. There are nearly half a billion moon worshippers just like you.

    • Nathan Brazil says:

      Just a bunch of ‘Projection-ist’ B#llsh!t and typical victimhood claims for the tribe of retards with a gene-pool full of 1st cousin ‘tard DNA-rot..

    • NathanBrazil says:

      Sounds like the same old tired garbage spouted by a low functioning, slow-witted simpleton…and clearly a member of the inbred death cult of islHam.

      islam = The Borg without Progress.

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  15. Richard Mather says:

    Dear “Palestinian”, how have you come to the conclusion that there is a Palestinian culture? The concept of Palestinian national identity is a modern invention, created in the 1960s. Before that, the land of Palestine/Eretz Israel was made up of Jews and several Arab nationalities. Many of these Arabs arrived at the same time – or even after – the first Zionist settlers. Historically, the Jewish people have the closest connection to the land. The Jews were in ‘Palestine’ well before it was invaded by Muslim Arabs. The Jews have maintained a presence in the land for three thousand years and many Diaspora Jews have yearned to return to Israel ever since the Romans sacked Jerusalem and demolished the Temple. If there is such a thing as Palestinian culture, it is not worth having. Who in their right mind wants a culture that promotes anti-Semitic violence and regurgitates the same useless myths of victimhood and Western oppression? As for where all the violence “came from”, I think you’ll find that most of the violence was committed by Muslims against Jews e.g. the Hebron massacre. And also bear in mind that there would not be any need for international aid if a) the Arabs had accepted the partition plan; b) the Arabs hadn’t invaded Israel in 1948 and c) if the neighboring Arab nations had integrated the refugees in the same way Israel had to integrate around 700,000 Jewish refugees kicked out of Arab countries for the crime of being Jewish.

  16. bjorn Swede says:

    i wonder how Hitler would react now that his Nazis are helping the jews?

    • KGS says:

      Slinging labels around without a care for accuracy makes you a fool.

    • Heikki Polojärvi says:

      I never cease to wonder how blind all the leftist propaganda can make some people? Would it be so hard to find out of things by yourself instead of just absorbing everything youre told?

  17. Big Gatsby says:

    A good extension to this post can be found here:

  18. Marty says:

    What are these miserable arabs doing in Israel anyway? Who invited them? They invaded 1300 years ago and immediately destroyed the economy, culture, and infrastructure of the country. It remained just andother a poverty-stricken province of islam until Jews reclaimed the region. Since their return Israel has been prosperous and democratic. palestinians are not a nation and do not deserve a state.

  19. tintin says:

    Dear KGS

    In my opinion what follows should be said again and again (may be in other more concise, more accurate form) for example before your first post of the day, in order to somehow install a basic truth.

    The Arabs occupy a lot of other peoples since the 7th century. The nature of their rule never changes: ethnic and religious cleansing. It’s still going on under your eyes.
    In 1925 the Chaldeans (non Arabs, non Muslims) were a majority in Iraq (British census); less than 1% today. Same for the Copts in Egypt, the Tamazight in Morocco, the Kabyles in Algeria. The black peoples of Africa (Sudan, Mauritania, Zanzibar etc) are enslaved by the Arab occupiers. WHAT DO WE DO FOR ALL THESE PEOPLES? The Jews were, by millions, indigenous to the region 2,000 years before the Arab occupation; today the “Arab World” is completely judenrein.
    The Arab occupation is NOT the result of any external aggression. It is a murderous invasion they proudly call “the Arab conquest”. The worst predators this planet has ever seen …. And besides, they turned the countries they occupied into a huge cesspool.

  20. We should all remember that the division of the Palestine Mandate at the Jordan River was done by Winston Churchill when he handed over the land to Abdullah as a state for the Muslims. The balance of the land was property that belonged to the Jewis state, later called Israel in 1948. Muslims have no actual claim to the land under western laws, but the Koran tells a different story. That story is especially significant to westerners and Islamic immigration. Under the laws of the Koran (Shariah) wherever Muslims reside that land belongs to them. Barack Hussein Obama stated that “America is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.” You, as infidels, did not understand what he meant because what he meant had particular meaning to Muslims worldwide: Muslims live in the west and India. That means under Koran law your lands no longer belong to Christians, Jews and Hindus. That spirit of Islam should tell all Americans that Obama is a closet Muslim who perhaps believes he is the Mahdi, or Hidden Imam, or simply a Saudi plant in America. Not a lot of his history makes any sense. How did he get back to America? Born of a Muslim he is a Muslim under the laws of Shariah. He can only be one of two things: An apsotate of Islam that needs to be killed for converting to Christianity, or a closet Muslim. I state only logic and understanding of Shariah. Western liberal-leftism and Christian ideology is irrelevant where Islam and Muslims are concerned.

  21. HeiligensErzengel says:

    Philistines came according to historians about 1200 BC to the coast of the Eastern Med, todays Gaza and parts of todays Israel. They were seafarers and started to settle there in a region just some tiny areas more than todays Gaza… Goliath was one of them.

    The story of King David who fought them when he was a youngster according to the Bible and got them later as his personal Guardians showed a bit the history. They came as enemies and started to become friends – most of them. Some were fought, some left to their homecountries in the Med (possibly Crete). Most of them assimilated into the regions – mainly Judean tribes ……. NEVER DID HAVE THE PHILISTINES HAD THE REGION CONQUERED WHICH WAS NAMED LATER AFTER THEM.

    Palestine is the Roman Emperors word for them. Roman Dictators used the term against the Israelis in the invain hope that the new name would destruct the Jewish self confidence and their wish to resettle a kingdom of their own again.

    Later many used the term for regions by far to wide of the historian sites on which Philistines once settled as a tribe from about 1200 to about 800 BC. The word was abused even more than it was already abusivley used by Romans ……
    It became also ectensively used by the later Conquerors – the Muslims for reasons of hiding them behind this word – not to be seen as the cruel and bloody emperors and brutal colonialists and enslavers they became in the region.

    That Israelis won land back is a bit as if North American Indian tribes did win land of their ancestors back from the Invaders.

    Israel was never historical homeland of main Arab tribes.

    Arabs mainly dwelled on the Arab Peninsula only some tribes did settle in the Southern regions of Israel….. they even had tooken the religions of the regions they came into …… all this changed with the Muslim invasions.

    First one as early as 628 AC. Which means that this raid happened to Mohammeds lifetime.

  22. Anne says:

    On the subject of “Palestinian culture” – Many of the inhabitants of the land were Jews and non-Arab Christians and Druze, forced or coerced into converting to Islam. Arabic is not an indigenous language to any land but Arabia. Arabic Muslim conquest was achieved only through violent means which would clearly define Arabic/Muslim culture as imperialism in the worst sense of the word. Other “Palestinians” were migrant workers who came to British mandated Palestine to work and for a better life since life under Arab and Arabized rulers was as truly hideous as it was under the Ottoman Empire.

    The Hashemites were from Saudi Arabia and not “Palestinian” at all but were given the land meant for the non-Jewish people when partition took place. They got the lion’s share and the best part — the Jews got a fraction and mostly dry arid, “unproductive” land. Will wonders never cease: the Jews turned their dry, arid sliver of land into a Garden of Eden and the Hashemites and their Arabized inhabitants turned their large, good, green land into just another Middle Eastern garbage dump. Funny how things turn out, isn’t it?

    Well, it is now January 2014, and the Hashemite Kingdom is about to disappear. Even the King says so. Eighty percent of its inhabitants are “Palestinian”, and from what I hear, they hate the King and want to make a few changes. Jordan will become their official home and when it does, the whole situation will change. The P.A. will disappear, as Mahmoud Abbas will join Arafat (courtesy of his own people and Hamas), and Hamas will be defeated by the Egyptian military. The “Palestinians” in Syria are starving to death thanks to Assad and the Islamists, and in Libya, Lebanon and God knows where else, “Palestinians” are so hated by their neighbors, I wonder if they too will not vanish from the earth without so much as a peep from their “supporters” in the West.


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  25. YJ Draiman says:

    Here is some information that you need to know about the Arab/Palestinians.
    There never has been, there is not now and there never will be a country called “Palestine.”
    The Arab/Palestinians/Moslems squatting on Jewish land in and around Israel are overwhelmingly either descendants of invaders, illegal immigrants or trespassers.
    The term “Palestinian” was popularized after the Six Day War in ’67 in an attempt to delegitimize Israel.
    There are already 21 Arab/Moslem dominated countries spread out over a few millions square miles of territory, including most of Jordan which was part of the Jewish allocated land under the League of Nations in 1922. It also stated that the Jewish people are to set up their own government and none other. The Arabs also ejected close to a million Jewish people from their countries and confiscated their homes and assets, about a third of the Jewish people died while leaving the Arab countries.
    The Arab/Moslems are not interested in creating a 22nd Arab controlled country.
    Their only desire is to annihilate the one and only Jewish state.
    “And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel “Dwell securely in the land (of … (Holy Quran 17:104).
    (Surah Al-Ma’ida, verse 21), and the other (Surah Al-Shara’a, verse 59) says that the land was bequeathed to the Jews.
    Under International Law and Treaties – An Arab/Palestinian State cannot be established in Israel on Jewish land allocated to the Jewish people under the San Remo agreement of 1922 and ratified by the League of Nations and signed by 51 member states.

    Jordan is the Palestinian State – The land originally allocated to the Jewish people,
    The British violated the agreement and gave it to the Arabs.
    YJ Draiman

    • Steven Trop says:

      The Balfour Declaration envisioned a Jewish State in Palestine amendable to the majority Arab community. In the end it’s maybe not what all Jews wanted, but a Jew myself, I think we’re damn lucky to have gotten what we did. Taking other peoples land to fulfill some ancient biblical prophecy, we’re risk blowing the whole deal.

  26. Steven Trop says:

    Jordan as the Arab i.e.”Palestinian State” according to the British Mandate is true, up until 1937 when, as a result of hostilities between Jews, Palestinian’s and Hashemite’s, the U.N. Peel Commission created The Arab State, what we know as the 1948 borders, the West Bank, Gaza and occupied territories today. Overlooking the fact the Hashemite King hated the Palestinian majority as much as the Jews hated them, creating a Third State was the logical solution. Rejecting it then (who wouldn’t?), today Palestinian’s, worn down from decades of conflict and misery, are willing to accept it. Drawing the lines of this conflict, creating this mess in the first place, the least the International Community (England and the U.S.) could do is make sure they get it.

  27. Firstly, how genuine is the claim of “the Palestinian people” to any part of the territory between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea? Numerous censuses held by the Ottomans from the early 1800s until the end of the First World War, and by the British during the “Mandate” period (from the end of WW1 until 1948) , all reveal that the majority of the population has always been Jewish—when General Allenby took possession of it in the name of Great Britain, there were only about 5,000 Arabs living here; yet about two million persons today claim to be “Palestinian Arabs”! On top of that, eyewitness testimony exists, in the form of Mark Twain’s book “The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgrim’s Progress” (published in 1869), in which he describes his own personal observations during the trip he made to Europe and the “Holy Land” in 1867 and waxes eloquent about how EMPTY the latter was at that time. Where was the “Palestinian people” then? Had they all gone away on their holidays that week? Twain certainly didn’t see any sign of them. “The Innocents Abroad” is available free in various electronic formats at the Project Gutenberg website, the web address is:

    and I would encourage anyone who is injterested to download a copy and read the relevant chapters for himself.

    The Revd. Samuel Manning, a christian clergyman, also visited in 1874 and wrote: “…But where were the inhabitants? This fertile plain, which might support an immense population, is almost a solitude… Day by day we were to learn afresh the lesson now forced upon us, that the denunciations of ancient prophecy have been fulfilled to the very letter: ‘the land is left void and desolate and without inhabitants’.”

    Secondly, it may be regrettable, but it’s a fact of life that wars inevitably end with one side being defeated and forced into capitulation by the military might of the other side. Germany surrendered to the Allies in Europe in May 1945 and, in August later that same year, Japan did likewise in the Pacific. The British Commonwealth, the United States and Russia would still be at war with the Axis Powers were it not for Germany’s and Japan’s respective unconditional surrenders. The war between Israel and those who call themselves “Palestinians”, however, drags on and on, erupting from time to time into open hostilities; and why?—because every time Israel comes close to winning and finally putting an end to the war, the poor hardly-done-by Arabs go crying to the United Nations, the European Union and anyone else who will listen to them, and pressure is brought on Israel to stop short of its final aim which is, after all, just the right for its citizens to live in safety and security without having constantly to be staring at the sky wondering when a massive flying bomb is going to come from nowhere and maim or even kill their children while they sleep in their beds, or having to live in constant fear that a gang of murderers will emerge from a hidden tunnel and kidnap or kill those children. Let nobody forget, too, that the so-called “Palestinians” ARE the “guilty party” in that it is THEY who have _NEVER_ stopped attacking Israel by firing huge numbers of rockets with high explosive payloads towards civilian targets (which in itself is a war-crime). How can anyone expect the Middle East dispute to end as long as possibly well-meaning but very misguided bleeding-heart liberals keep interfering and intervening and PREVENTING it being settled in the only way wars have ever been settled throughout history?

  28. YJ Draiman says:

    Re: Israel – To whom it may concern in Europe, Asia, Far East, the US and elsewhere:

    We are tired of hearing that withdrawal from Judea and Samaria will bring peace. We know and you know that it would bring another Gaza. So stop saying it and promoting this fallacy. Past experience has proven that concessions, appeasement and land for peace only increased terror, violence and more conflict and hostilities.

    We are tired of hearing that land beyond the Green Line is ‘Arab-Palestinian land’. The Green Line is simply an armistice line that has no political significance. You know this too. The San Remo Treaty of 1920 Granted the Mandate for Palestine to the Jewish people, the same Allied powers also established 21 Arab States and one Jewish State – The Arabs are not willing to give up any part of the 21 Arab States and the Jews are not willing to give up any part of the Jewish State.

    We are tired of hearing about the “Arab-Palestinian people.” They are no different from the Arabs of Syria or Egypt, from which most of their ancestors migrated in the last 150 years or so. There is no Palestinian language or religion, and until very recently they considered themselves simply ‘Arabs’. Their culture is almost entirely defined by their opposition to the Jewish State. Teaching hate, violence and terror to their children. There never was an Arab-Palestinian State or people in History. The Arab Palestinians have a State in Jordan which is 80% of the land originally allocated to the Jewish people under the San Remo Treaty of 1920.

    We are tired of hearing that “the Arab-Palestinians deserve a state.” We are indigenous here, not them, and their behavior entitles them more to a trial at The Hague than to a State. The Arab- Palestinians have a State it is called Jordan which was carved out of Jewish allocated land in 1922, in violation of the treaty of 1920.

    And they certainly don’t deserve our Jewish State, which is the only State they want. They already took 80% of Jewish allocated land which is Jordan, a country that never existed in history before WWI. Israel also gave them the Gaza Strip.

    We are tired of hearing about ‘The Occupation’, it is “Liberated Jewish Land”. As Minister Naftali Bennett said the other day, you can’t be an occupier in your own land. The Arabs are the occupiers, Greater Israel has been a Jewish State for 4,000 years even if it was temporarily conquered and occupied by various nations over the centuries.

    We are tired of hearing that “settlements are illegal under international law.” They are not. The San Remo Treaty of 1920 explicitly stated that Jewish people can reside anywhere in the Mandate for Palestine, those terms have not been abrogated and are set in perpetuity.

    We are tired of hearing that “settlement construction is an obstacle to peace.” Arab rejectionism, destruction, violence, terrorism and suicide bombing is the reason there is no peace. When the Arab-Palestinians teach and preach hate, terror and destruction to their children, this is definitely not a road to peace and coexistence.

    By the way, we are pro-peace. We are just not pro-suicide and self destruction.

    We are tired of hearing about the 5 million (or whatever ridiculous number there are alleged to be) ‘Arab-Palestinian refugees’ or the ‘Arab-Palestinian Diaspora’. There were about 600,000 Arabs that left their homes in 1948, mostly of their own volition, more or less at the same time as the over 990,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, of which the Arabs confiscated their homes and land (which is 4 times the size of Israel) and assets totaling over 15 trillion dollars. We resettled ours with limited land and resources — resettle yours (on the land and homes you confiscated from the Jewish people), the 21 Arab states have more land and resources. The Arab dis-information must be ignored and countered.

    We are tired of hearing anything from anyone associated with the U.N. The U.N. is a parasitic and criminal enterprise dominated by our mortal enemies. The U.N. cannot create states, it can only recommend and so can other nations only recommend and not create a state that never existed before in history. If they want an Arab-Palestinian state, it already exists, it is Jordan which has taken 80% of Jewish allocated land. They also have the land the Arabs Countries confiscated from the Jewish people which is 4 times the size of Israel.

    We are tired of stupid post-colonialist rhetoric. We are not ‘colonists’ and Arabs do not have the right to murder us in the name of ‘resistance’ or beheading Jewish Rabbi’s in Jerusalem’s Har Nof Synagogue. Talking this way reveals you as moral imbeciles. They train their children to be suicide bombers and terrorists. The Arabs are the colonialists, they have colonized the whole Middle East.

    You can not recognize a State and people that never existed and that has no borders, no single government, and no economy. They are not even trusted by the Arab states either.

    We know we can not depend on any kind of security guarantee from anyone except the Israel Defense Forces. So stop being insulted because we do not trust you. And do not ask us to give up any nuclear weapons we might or might not have or any other method and technology that could help protect us.

    If you hate us so much, give us back all our Medical technology that saved your lives. Give us back all our technology development that helped you advance economically and the list goes on and on.

    We know that the left-wing parties in Israel are bankrupt of ideas. We are not going to vote for them, no matter how much you would like us to. So do not bother trying to influence our election. We will only vote for a government that protects its people and cares about the Jewish heritage, more than it cares for world opinion.

    Don’t believe what you read in Ha’aretz newspaper, they represent a minority that has no allegiance to the Jewish heritage.

    Jerusalem, undivided, is the capital of the Jewish State of Israel. Get used to it, because you can’t change it, the Jewish temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. It was never a Capital of any other nation.


    Ordinary Israelis who care about their heritage and ancestry.

  29. YJ Draiman says:

    Arabs expelled a million Jews from all their countries and confiscated their assets.
    The Jewish exodus from Arab lands refers to the 20th century expulsion or mass departure of Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Islamic countries. The migration started in the late 19th century, but accelerated after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. According to official Arab statistics, over 989,000 Jews were forced out of their homes in Arab countries from 1948 until the early 1970’s. Some 650,000 resettled in Israel, leaving behind personal property valued today at more than $990 billion. Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands has been estimated at 120,000 square kilometers (four times the size of the State of Israel). Valued today at about 15 trillion dollars.
    Not abused? I feel like swearing here. you can bet your rear end they were abused.
    Patricia Metzger’s campaign to achieve justice sheds light on a little-discussed aspect of the Israeli-Arab conflict: In the wake of the War of Independence and the establishment of Israel, two major population movements took place in the Middle East. The one that is frequently mentioned is the Palestinian exodus, but at the same time almost one million Jews were forced to leave Arab countries where they had lived for hundreds of years. According to official Arab statistics, due to persecution, some 980,000 Jews left those countries from 1948 to the beginning of the 1970’s, and about 610,000 of them were absorbed in Israel. For the sake of comparison, the United Nations data estimate the original population of Arab-Palestinian refugees at 585,000.
    Because we had no home for nearly two thousand years, Israel made itself independent of its Arab-British oppressors in 1948. In that year, another great Jewish Exodus occurred, leading to a large increase in the population of Israel and the decimation of some of the oldest Jewish communities on earth.

    Jews have lived in the countries now occupied by Arabs since the destruction of the first Temple in 586 B.C.E. Yet, the descendants of these original inhabitants of so many Middle Eastern lands were driven out of their ancestral homes by the religious bigotry and racial animosity of the Arab invaders.

    In 1945 there were more than 995,000 Jews living in Arabic speaking countries. Today, there are less than 6,000. Some Arab states like Libya are completely judenrein, i.e., cleansed of Jews, as the Arabs’ best friend, Hitler, liked to say.

    About 640,000 of these Jews were absorbed by Israel. Another 360,000 went to Europe, America or Australia. Evidently, then, the refugee problem in the Middle East consists of the failure of the Arab states to compensate these 988,000 for the property and assets they were forced to leave behind.

    Examples are Iraq, which once had a Jewish population of 97,000 and now only has less than one hundred Jews left. A good number of Jews left Egypt in 1948. Egypt is the country where Yasser Arafat was born (Arafat is an Egyptian. His real name is Husseinei). There were 81,000 Jews in Egypt in 1948. Yet, in connection with the Egyptian aggression of 1957, more than 27,300 Jews were forced to leave Egypt. Today, the Jewish community in Egypt amounts to only 180. These Jews left assets of $55 billion, for which they should now be compensated.

    There are no Jews in Algeria today. That country is also Judenrein. In 1948 there were 160,000 Jews in Algeria. In Morocco, which was the home of 298,000 Jews before 1948, there are today only 5,700 Jews. Similar decimation occurred in Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab states. The governments of the these countries forcibly expelled all Jews, who then increased the Israeli population. From the Arab point of view that was indeed as stupid a policy as the Arab incitement of the Russian population against the Jews in that country. That anti-Jewish campaign by the Arab agitators led to the arrival in Israel of over a million Russian Jews. Many of the Jews were engineers and scientists of the first order. This helped Israel a great deal. Now the Arabs are making life miserable for the Jews of France and Belgium. There are over 750,000 Jews in France. If the Arabs keep up their attacks on these European Jews then Israel will again absorb a large contingent of Jews forced to flee France (and Belgium).

    The Jewish exodus from the Arab lands was dramatic. Many Jews fled on foot while others were rescued by “Operation Magic Carpet.” This consisted of bringing 56,000 Yemeni Jews to Israel by plane.

    It is evident, therefore, that the “refugee problem” in Israel consists of the failure of the Arabs to pay compensation to the one million Jews who were driven out of their homelands by the Arab hate mongers.

    And There were riots prior to Israel existing. Simply wounding or killing Jews because there was a chance that Israel would exist.

    Go on . Tell me that 5 Times the land of Israel taken from Jews and 990 Billion dollars in personal assets and Jewish-owned real-estate left behind in Arab lands has been estimated at 120,000 square kilometers (four times the size of the State of Israel). Valued today at about 15 trillion dollars isn’t “Abusing ” them . Its just your regular old nationalizing right? No racial hatred at all I am sure. Not to mention they were productive citizens who had no interest in moving to Palestine or they would have already done so (and wouldn’t have been so bloody rich)
    “If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” – George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

    Text of Law drafted by Political Committee of Arab League

    1. Beginning with November 28, 1947, all Jewish citizens of (Name of Arab Country) will be considered as members of the Jewish minority State of Palestine and will have to register with the authorities of the region wherein they reside, giving their names, the exact number of members in their families, their addresses, the names of their banks and the amounts of their deposits in these banks. This formality is to be accomplished within seven days.

    2. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), bank accounts of Jews will be frozen. These funds will be utilized in part or in full to finance the movement of resistance to Zionist ambitions in Palestine.

    3. Beginning with (November 28, 1947), only Jews who are subjects of foreign countries will be considered as “neutrals”. These will be compelled either to return to their countries, with a minimum of delay, or be considered as Arabs and obliged to accept active service with the Arab army.

    4. Jews who accept active service in Arab armies or place themselves at the disposal of those armies, will be considered as “Arabs”.

    5. Every Jew whose activities reveal that he is an active Zionist will be considered as a political prisoner and will be interned in places specifically designated for that purpose by police authorities or by the Government. His financial resources, instead of being frozen, will be confiscated.

    6. Any Jew who will be able to prove that his activities are anti-Zionist will be free to act as he likes, provided that he declares his readiness to join the Arab armies.

    7. The foregoing (para.6) does not mean that those Jews will not be submitted to paragraphs 1 and 2 of this law.

  30. YJ Draiman says:

    A short synopsis of Jewish History and the Arab Israeli conflict by YJ Draiman

    Jews have the absolute right for their homeland. Zionism the movement itself was created during the second half the 1800′s. Jews purchased a substantial amount of territories in Palestine-Israel (see testimony of the Mufti of Jerusalem in front of the British Peel Commission) from local sheikhs and lords and built settlements there. This dates as early as 1860, that is 79 years before WWII.
    During all of this time Jews kept migrating back to their historic homeland which comprised of two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah. They were driven out of the Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians in 720, B.C.E. The Babylonians in 586, B.C.E., drove the Jews out of the Kingdom of Judah, including Jerusalem. Then followed the Persians in 536, and the Hellenistic Syrian Seleucid Rulers in 332 BCE. Jews – The Maccabees re-conquered Israel in 166 BCE.
    Romans conquered Israel in 63 C.E., and in 70 A.D. destroyed the Jewish second Temple.
    Which was followed by these conquests:
    Byzantines in 313; Persian in 614; Arabs Muslims 636 CE; Crusaders 1099; and the Mamluks in 1291.
    Then came the Ottoman Empire in 1517. In 1564 the Ottoman Empire encouraged and stimulated Jewish immigration which added over 10,000 new Jewish returnees to Palestine-Israel (The Ottoman land records for Palestine showed that the government owned over 90% of the land) and the British Rule 1918-1948.
    During the time of the Roman rule of Israel, the Jews in the kingdom called Judea revolted against the Roman rule. The Romans crushed the rebellion, exiled many Jews out of the country, seized many others and turned them into slaves deporting them to Rome and other places. Not only that, they changed the name of the land from Provincia Judea to Palestine to humiliate the Jews.
    For 600 years or so, Arab Muslims imperialism spread throughout the Middle East from Arabia. Among other conquests, the Arabs conquered Judea-Palestine, killing many of the local Jewish population, and converting many into Islam. The story of how the Arabs got to Palestine is the story of conquest, imperialism and occupation.
    During the 19th and 20th century, when Arabs had little to no interest in the land of Israel, Jews bought massive amounts of land and resettled there. After WWI the Allied Powers, the international community and the League of Nations under the San Remo Treaty of 1920 assigned the British “The Mandate for Palestine” as trustee over the land so that a Jewish state would be created in that land. The British had their own agenda in mind.
    The original Mandate territory included what is today Israel; Gaza, Parts of Sinai, West Bank (Judea and Samaria), Jordan and the Golan Heights. The British had their own agenda and divided the country up. They gave to the Arabs the allocated land which had been Mandated to the Jewish people in violation of the San Remo Treaty of 1920: everything East of the Jordan river. This land which was intentionally given to the Arabs constituted 80% of the land allocated to the Jewish people. The British gave the land to the Hashemite Kingdom for the Arab population in order to create a new State: Trans-Jordan. The British also traded the Golan Heights to the French who ruled Syria for oil in Iraq. Thus, after already separating the country into one Arab state Trans-Jordan, which is present day Jordan, they intended to break up the remaining Jewish land West of the Jordan River, present day Israel and wrongfully give it to the Arabs.

    In the meanwhile a conflict emerged over territorial boundaries between the Jewish inhabitants and the Arabs. The U.N. proposed a deal to split the remaining land of the British Mandate for Palestine (yes, split yet again) into an Arab state and a Jewish state. The Jewish leadership accepted the proposal, provided the Arabs also accept it. The Arabs declined. Thus the 1948 war began. A war in which the Arabs with armies from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and local militias of Arabs, and help on a smaller scale from the armies of Algeria and Libya attacked the new Jewish entity. The Arab coalition had the weapons and a large army and were confident on victory, to the extent, that they asked the local Arab inhabitants to vacate the land while they decimated the Jews. But fate had other plans. Through divine intervention, the Arabs lost that war. Many Arab civilians fled their homes because their Arab leadership told them to. Some were panicked by rumors. There were only a few incidents with civilians. (It is an important fact that during the war of 1948, Jewish settlements that were seized by Arab forces were razed to the ground – Kfar Etzion for example and the remaining population there killed).
    The true and detailed facts and history is much more voluminous and complex. The problem Israel faces is that it is not as quick to explain the 4000+ years of Jewish history in Israel to counter the Arab lies and propaganda. Lies are easier to spread. However, upon close examination of the historical facts, the lies are exposed as baseless propaganda and should be dismissed as such.
    It should be noted only a small segment of history is being presented here. I did not enumerate anything about how Arabs used terror and violence since the beginning of the conflict. I did not mention that before Arab nationalism and Muslim radicalism took over, the small Arab community was glad that the Jews were coming back to their ancestral homeland, providing an economic boost and jobs to the region, (even king Faisal was delighted.) I did not enumerate or discuss in detail the Arab-Palestinian refugees without telling how and why they became refugees.
    I might also mention that the Arab countries expelled over a million Jewish people, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land (120,000 sq. km. which is five times the size of Israel and valued in the trillions of dollars). About 650,000 of those Jewish refugees from Arab countries were resettled in Greater Israel.
    It is time for the Arab countries who expelled the million Jewish people to resettle the Arab-Palestinian refugees in their own countries, and or Jordan, and put an end to this conflict and ending the misery and displacement of the Arab Palestinians. This will bring about peace and coexistence which the people so rightfully desire and deserve. It will bring economic prosperity and an increase in the standard of living for all the people.
    YJ Draiman

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  32. YJ Draiman says:

    Israel does not have to defend its’ legitimacy! r4
    Israel’s rights to the land is ingrained in history, archeological findings, international law and possession. Just like the Arab States have not been required to defend their legitimacy, Israel should also not be required to defend its’ legitimacy. The 21 Arab States and the State of Israel were set up by the Allied Powers after WWI, when the Ottoman Empire relinquished its title to the territories to the Allied Powers. The British were assigned as trustee for the Jewish people to help reconstitute the Jewish State as Implemented by the San Remo Treaty of 1920. The San Remo Treaty adopted the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Of importance is the fact treaty terms and documents prove there was no state allocation of land to any other people or nation other than the Jewish people in Israel. It should also be noted the League of Nations set up the Mandate for Palestine as a State for the Jewish people with exclusive political rights.
    The Jewish people who lived in Israel for over 4,000 had additional Jewish immigration in the mid 1800. The local Jewish people with the infusion of more Jewish immigration, resources, funding and with the explicit permission by the Ottoman government, started developing the land. Within a short time the Jewish people started turning the desert and desolation into green pastures, thus, building an economy, agriculture, housing and industry. Many Arabs from neighboring depressed states who viewed this development as an opportunity for work and an improved standard of living, came to work in Palestine.
    It is of interest in this conflict to take into consideration. The Arab countries expelled over a million Jews, confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and land 5-6 times the size of Israel. Most of these expelled Jews from Arab countries were resettled in Greater Israel.
    Over the past 68 years Israel has become a thriving nation with exemplary innovation in education, technology, high tech industry and medicine. Many nations admire Israel’s outstanding development and innovation. Israel has always been extending a helping hand to any nation that wants to learn and advance in industry, technology and medicine.
    The Arab-Palestinians saw an opportunity to get land and a country that was developed and flourished by the Jewish people. They decided that through intimidation, harassment and violence to usurp the Jewish habitants into capitulating to their scheme of an Arab-Palestinian State on Land allocated to the Jewish people . The Arab-Palestinians live on charity from the nations of the world. They are unwilling to help themselves. After the 1967 war when Israel defeated the 5 Arab armies who tried to destroy it, Israel started employing many of the Arabs in the liberated Jewish territory, educating them in agriculture and water resources. In the following years the standard of living of the Arabs jumped 5 fold and more, and their economy and housing blossomed. When the terrorist organization entered the picture and instigated the Arab population to start terror and violence against the Israelis, the economic advancement was slowed down if not halted. The dire predicament of the Arab-Palestinians is of their own making.
    If you look at Arab land it is desolate and barren, with few exceptions. At the same time, the Jewish land is blooming and developing at an accelerated tempo. The Arabs, rather than follow the example set by Israel, tried to take the Jewish land by force and lost 4 wars in a span of 25 years.
    The Arab-Palestinians current actions in the political and legal arena is a result of losing 4 wars and various battles with Israel. They not only could not win ground, but in fact have caused themselves a downward spiral toward economic desolation.
    The Arab-Palestinians have switched tactics and have now gained more ground and concessions by playing the peace game. The Arab-Palestinians obfuscation and disinformation campaign along with various pleadings in front of the U.N. and other International bodies has gained them more inroads. The power of oil and the Arab Countries, who do not want the Arab-Palestinians to return to their countries, are helping them promote the false information, and utilizing their numerical control in the U.N. to pass any resolution that they deem necessary to advance their cause.
    Money, power and greed promoted hate and anti-Semitism by the Arabs in order to force Israel into surrendering territory to the Arab-Palestinians. The Arabs are trying to initiate land piracy camouflaged as legal rights to the land of Israel.
    Jewish resistance to persecution by the Arabs and the world at large: Any level headed individual would think that after WWII and the 6 million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust (plus another 5 million of other ethnic groups) would diminish, if not eliminate anti-Semitism and baseless hatred. It seems that no matter the amount of unwarranted persecution, and no matter the sacrifices the Jewish people have endured through the ages, Anti-Semitism continues to raise its ugly head.
    The Media is guilty of escalating hostilities and violence in Israel and elsewhere. The Media has a responsibility to deliver fair and unbiased reporting. They influence the information that people rely on. It is an awesome responsibility and it must be handled with factual un-slanted reporting. Peoples lives depend on it; maybe yours or someone you love. Do we need a legal task force to discipline the Media when they intentionally distort the truth and or stage events for Media sensationalism? I would like your comments and input.
    The affects on the world at large: Has humanity lost its values and fairness? The answer is no. In order to lose something, one must first possess it and the truth is, the world has never had total control of values and fairness. In today’s world, where money and power is pursued at all costs (see Machiavelli) , the core family unit is disintegrating and family values deteriorating. Honesty, integrity and fair-play seem to be a thing of the past. Where are we as human beings of the 21st century heading? Obviously downward.
    Take some time to reflect on the truth of what is stated here. Do you really want this kind of world for your children? Senseless hate and destruction must not be tolerated. I urge you to wake up, take the bull by the horn and pursue a path of correction, or we are doomed as a civilized people.

    YJ Draiman

    P.S. How many holidays do the Arabs celebrate due to historical events in the land of ancient Israel. The Jewish people celebrate most of their holidays and fast days in memory of and the goal and aspiration to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem – where it was before it was destroyed and desecrated by the enemies of the Jews. Many of the Jewish prayers for thousands of years recite the love of Israel and the Jewish aspirations to return to their ancestral land and bring back its glory and holiness.

    In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.
    Ben Gurion

    “Nobody does Israel any service by proclaiming its ‘right to exist.’ [As a Jewish State] Israel’s right to exist, like that of the United States, Saudi Arabia and 152 other states, is axiomatic and unreserved. Israel’s legitimacy is not suspended in midair awaiting acknowledgement. . . .There is certainly no other state, big or small, young or old, that would consider mere recognition of its ‘right to exist’ a favor, or a negotiable concession.”
    Abba Eban

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