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Germany: Racist Socialists Rounded Up By Police For Planning Attack Against Local Islamic Beachheads…….


Predator vs. Alien…


Anyone contemplating a physical attack against any group or their property in society, regardless of the dangers that group poses to the continued health of society, deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. Whether they be Islam 101’rs, Marxist, Fascist socialists, they deserve the same protection as anyone else.


That said, these totalitarians also deserve to be challenged and confronted with proper, rational verbal argumentation whenever possible. In order to have a viable, liberal (classical sense of the word) representative democracy, you have to allow the free exchange of ideas and challenges/criticism to those ideas.


Unfortunately, Islam has been allowed to carve out a protected sphere for itself, where “having one’s feelings hurt” is akin to threatening with a loaded weapon.


Update: German far-right group ‘planned Christchurch-style mosque attacks’

Members of a German extreme right group arrested last week were believed to have been plotting “shocking” large-scale attacks on mosques similar to the ones carried out in New Zealand last year, a government spokesman said Monday.

Officials said that investigations into 12 men detained in police raids across Germany Friday had indicated they planned major attacks, following media reports over the weekend the group aimed to launch several simultaneous mass-casualty assaults on Muslims during prayers.


“It’s shocking what has been revealed here, that there are cells here that appear to have become radicalised in such a short space of time,” Interior Ministry spokesman Björn Grünewälder told reporters at a Berlin press  conference.


“It is the task of the state, and of course of this government, to protect free practice of religion in this country, with no reference to what religion it might be,” Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said.


“Anyone practising their religion in Germany within our legal order should be able to do so without being endangered or threatened”.


According to media reports, the group planned to use semi-automatic weapons to imitate last March’s attacks in Christchurch in New Zealand in which 51 people were killed at two mosques.


More here.

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