Finland: Foreign cab driver jailed for raping woman while driving on Helsinki freeway, gets on 1 yr 10 mos sentence…….


Hell, what about tacking on a few years for driving endangerment since you can’t even use your cell phone while driving..?


And yes, according to the IS report  (left out of the HS article). If the rapist has dual citizenship he should be kicked out of the country once his jail sentence is up.

Cabbie rapes customer in a moving taxi in Helsinki, sentenced to almost two years in prison

The man received one year and ten months imprisonment for rape.

THE HELSINKI Court of Appeal upheld the rape sentence received by the taxi driver from the District Court.

The acts took place in a moving taxi and in the car of the Talin bowling alley in Helsinki in the morning of October 8, 2016. The man was sentenced to one year and ten months in prison for rape. In addition, the taxi driver was sentenced to pay the victim EUR 3,500 for the suffering caused. In addition, the convict was ordered to pay court costs of € 268 and a crime victim charge of € 80. The convict had demanded that the prosecution and the claims for damages be dismissed. In the alternative, he had demanded that he be convicted of coercion rather than rape and reduced to € 1,200. 


The taxi driver picked up two people from the center of Helsinki in October 2016. One of the customers got out at Munkkivuori at 4.18 pm and continued on to the home address of the customer still in the car.

The cusotmer moved from the back seat to the front seat, but after a while, the taxi turned back towards Munkkivuori. The court did not find out at whose initiative the taxi turned back.

After the turn, the driver in the car began to talk to the customer sitting in the front seat in a sexual tone, moved his hand to her crotch and grasped the woman’s breasts. The driver also pushed his finger into the person’s vagina. According to the victim, the rape was done with one hand without the defendant having taken off his clothes.

In the end, the driver stopped the car at the Talin Bowling Hall and dumped his victim on the back seat, from which the victim could not escape. The driver also tried to remove the victim’s pants. However, the victim prevented the intercourse that the cab driver intended.

According to the customer, she escaped from the taxi at the Munkkivuori shopping center after the defendant had allegedly driven there to buy condoms. The victim called in an emergency call after the rape and reported the crime.


The cab driver claimed in court that the customer told her that she could not pay for a taxi ride. Nor did the driver admit to sexual acts. However, the driver’s report was not considered credible by the court because he changed many times and the customer had money in her account. The customer’s claim was considered to be consistent and credible.

The driver also claimed that he had only been a taxi driver for two weeks and therefore did not know, for example, when the taxi meter had to be turned off. The driver closed the taximeter irregularly before returning to the taxi center.

The rape victim said she had suffered from distress and psychological symptoms after the incident.



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