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FPM: Myth of the mentally-ill jihadi…….


They know their koran, and if they want absolution for their non-Islamic lifestyles, and be confident that family members will get to that brothel in the sky, then according to Islam committing acts of jihad, and dying in the process, assures that…

Andretuan then cites commando units the English established in the Second World War as an example of the difficulty and unsuitability of recruiting the mentally ill.
“(The English) imagined to recruit sociopaths because of their absence of resistance to killing,” he stated. “This was a failure. They thus went looking for men, educated and often products of good English society, not presenting any psychiatric troubles…”



French psychiatrist demolishes the insanity defense.

Stephen Brown

Too often nowadays, after an Islamic terrorist attack, the perpetrator is almost immediately declared mentally ill. This is often stated before any psychological examination of the jihadist has been performed or any other proof offered. This conclusion is then presented to the world as fact and beyond discussion.


For example, the jihadist/murderer who in France threw Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old retired Jewish doctor, out of a window in 2017 in an anti-Semitic attack after beating her was immediately placed by authorities “in a psychiatric establishment without passing through a prison cell.”


And psychiatric care facilities have been set up in France for jihadists returning from fighting for the Islamic State in Syria. The French are given to understand their joining and fighting for such a genocidal organization was simply a mental aberration to be treated medically (Who is crazy here?).


And French minister of the interior Gerard Collomb wanted “to mobilise the psychiatric hospitals in order to identify the radicalized individuals…for the purpose of spotting all of those profiles who tomorrow can proceed to carry out an attack.”


French psychiatrist Yann Andretuan, head of the French navy’s psychological service who has practiced psychiatry in several French hospitals for more than a decade, refutes this psychiatric interpretation of Islamic terrorist attacks, regarding it as false.

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