Finland: Now foreigners suspected in nearly 40% of child abuse cases in the west coast city of Pori…….


Katie Hopkins during her time in Finland predicted exactly this, that once knowledge of Muslim rape-squads comes to light in one area (Oulu), incidents all over Finland will be coming to light as well.


Gloomy growth of sex crimes in Pori – Foreigners suspected in nearly 40% of child abuse cases



Last year the south-west Finnish police had knowledge of 456 suspects involved in sexual offenses, 12 more than a year earlier.


It’s been widely publicized the portion of foreign citizens involved in the investigation of sexual offenses, who represent nearly a third. 52 foreigners were suspected of sexual offenses in Southwest Finland and Satakunta.


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NOTE: An observation from Heikki T.Porkka on the Pori Muslim rape-squads


“Gloomy growth of sexual crimes in Pori – foreign suspects in almost 40 % of child abuse cases”

How many of the inhabitants of Pori are foreigners?

And how many of these foreign men in Pori represent the religion of peace?

Would it be the time for the Finns to wake up to reality and kick out in parliamentary elections all those who have contributed to harmful immigration?

Tighter border control, and an end to humanitarian immigration, and illegals into detention and out of the country.

No world agreement or law can force a civilised country to jeopardise the safety of its own citizens.

If Finland has signed an agreement that forces to accept potential child rapists and sexual criminals or even terrorists, such an agreement must be immediately rescinded by a unilateral declaration.


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