Finland: Muslim asylum seeker accused of rape of minor extradites from Germany, remanded by Oulu District Court…….


This is the very same piece of human fecal matter that fled the country after his fellow “alleged” rape-squad comrades were rounded up by the police in Oulu…


The Oulu mayor’s office still in denial.



Man suspected of child sex abuse to be extradited from Germany to Finland


Oulun oikeustalo


The 25-year-old man is expected to be remanded by Oulu District Court on Friday.


A 25-year-old man arrested in Germany on suspicion of child sexual abuse will be extradited to Finland on Thursday.


The man was taken into custody in the city of Saarbrücken in western Germany on 9 January.


The suspect is one of eight men under investigation for alleged sexual offences against minors in Oulu between June and October of last year.


The man, who is suspected of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor, aggravated rape and assault, is expected to be remanded into custody by Oulu District Court on Friday.


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