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UK: Islamonazi Muslim Student Union leader would like to oppress white people, Islamize the country…….

Zamzam is out there in the open with what she wants….

This is also what most Muslims (who actively pursue their ideology) want for the West, to turn them into the very same hell holes found elsewhere around the Islamic world. Resist!

Student union president sparks controversy by saying she would like to ‘oppress white people’, everyone should read the Koran and that men and women must not be friends

  • A Student Union leader has claimed she would like to oppress white people
  • Zamzam Ibrahim was elected President of Salford’s Student’s Union
  • She has posted a number of highly controversial messages on social media 
  • Ms Ibrahim also opposes the government’s anti-radicalisation Prevent strategy 

A Muslim student union leader has claimed she would like to ‘oppress white people’ and has suggested there would be an Islamic takeover if more people read the Koran.


Zamzam Ibrahim, who was elected President of Salford University’s Student Union in March, also suggested friendship between men and women is un-Islamic and is opposed to the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy.


The Swedish-Somali student officer also described the government’s Prevent strategy as ‘disastrous’ and ‘racist’.


In one message she responded to a question on AskFM on what book everyone should read. She said: ‘The Quaraan. We would have an Islamic takeover!’


In another message on the topic of the possibility of friendship between a man and a woman, she replied: ‘I’ve had this debate with many friends! Maybe in some cases but Islamically it’s incorrect for girls to be friends with a guy anyway!


‘So I’m gonna say NO not the kind of friendship they can have with the same gender there is always boundaries.’


In one tweet from May 9, 2012 under the hashtag #ifIwasPresident, she wrote: ‘I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through!’


Ms Ibrahim was also recently elected to the National Union of Students Block of 15 committee.


She has also completed a BSc in Business and Financial Management.


During her campaign for election with the NUS, Ms Ibrahim, who is a Muslim, claimed: ‘Since Brexit referendum result, there has been a rise in hate crime by 41 per cent. NUS needs to continue the great work on combating racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic and ableist hate crime.

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