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UK: The violent Left says Britain risks mayhem if Corbyn’s Labour fails in election……..

These people are entirely destructive to our liberal democratic way of life. They’re a menace.

This is the mindset that led over +100 million to their graves.

‘WE WILL RIOT’ Corbyn supporters threaten violence if Labour don’t win election

JEREMY Corbyn supporters have claimed Britain could be hit by riots if Labour loses the General Election.


In chilling social media posts seen by Express.co.uk, the hard-left activists warned of mass social unrest in the event of a Tory victory.


They raised the possibility of riots, protests and strikes – and even a revolution – if Theresa May remains Prime Minister.


The shocking comments were made in a popular pro-Labour group on Facebook named We Support Jeremy Corbyn.


The page boasts more than 55,000 fans but is not affiliated with the left-winger or his party.


Asked what would happen if Mr Corbyn loses the election, one user wrote: “National strike, riots, social unrest.


“Either the government resigns or there’s civil war. That would be a catastrophe, that’s exactly what the Tories want.”


Another commented: “All out strikes and riots. I will become 2017 Robin Hood. I’ll rob the elites and feed the poor and working families.”


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  1. Alright mate,
    Sargon, on his shitposting channel the thinkery, just posted something that made me laugh my arse off.
    Neo nazis in the uk are backing the UK labour party!
    And they call them far right!
    What a load of horse shit! These knuckle dragging cunts are why I left the EDL in the first fucking place!


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