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Danish PM makes dumb remarks about US President Trump’s rejection of Paris ‘climate accords’…….

So dumb European leaders are making more dumb statements.

All this tells me is that it’s going to take tens of trillions of wasted money before the obvious is finally made known, there is nothing mankind has done that has raised CO2 levels to the extent that it’s ‘changing the climate’.

Danish PM’s Trump remarks could signal new course: expert

Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has criticised Donald Trump over the US president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, a move considered a “significant break” with the Danish government’s established pro-US foreign policy.

During a speech given to mark the Scandinavian country’s Constitution Day Monday, Rasmussen said that Trump had made the “wrong decision.”


At the speech in Skanderborg, Rasmussen said that Denmark, though not perfect, was one of the world’s best countries, before quoting Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, who said “If we could all be like the Scandinavians, everything would be a lot easier,” reports broadcaster DR.


Rasmussen – who was one of the first European leaders to meet Trump when he visited Washington in April – then made the unusual step of criticising the US president.


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