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#GardenofSweden : Girl harassed in Malmö school, told she’s ‘unclean’ because she ate pork…….

All for the sake of multiculturalism/cultural relativism by lunatic Swedes…..

Girl harassed at Malmö School – because she ate pork

When the girl ate pork in Malmö school canteen, she was harassed by her classmates. The girl was told that those who eat pork are “contaminated”. The reported harassment has been reviewed by the Equality Ombudsman. “We were told this by a first hand account,” says the school’s principal. H/T Jani Räsänen via

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  1. Pork has been a traditional Norther dish since beef was at one time difficult to rear. The Jews have never persecuted their host country for eating Pork. Jews maintain a low profile and police themselves and do NOT force themselves on the national population but MUSLIMS do and expect to be adhered to. Muslims need to go to Muslim nations,.

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