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Italy: N.Africans terrorized train passengers on Easter Sunday, police took names and let them go……..

And they let them go……
When the train arrived in Turin, the North Africans fled across the tracks in different directions.The train had to be stopped for twenty minutes. The police managed to arrest some of the suspects, but left them to run again after the personal details were recorded. The railway police announced their intention to investigate the case

North Africans terrorize train passengers for hours

TURIN. A large group of North Africans has threatened 300 passengers of a regional train in Italian Liguria. Between 50 and 60 young people of North African appearance went to the train from Ventimiglia to Turin on the afternoon of Easter Sunday and bothered the other passengers, reports the Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Tuesday.


Several eyewitnesses reported that the teenagers had harassed two girls, prompting the police and the platoon leader. Other North Africans were insulting passengers, reported the daily La Stampa . “They were running back and forth between the compartments. Joining in the toilets, not to be discovered by the conductor, “the paper quotes a witness.


Brawling and crying babies


The platoon leader finally found himself forced to stop in Cengio, in the province of Savona. There, reported witnesses, “there were many difficulties: two beatings, crying babies, and an elderly man who had, but could not, have an insulin injection.”

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