Muslim persecution of Hindus Pakistan

Pakistan: Hindu human/civil rights activist falsely jailed, family persecuted by Muslims who reject their rights……..

This is the real Pakistan, the real face of Islam.

There is no real human rights in these Muslim backwater hell holes, there’s no real justice system, it’s all arbitrary, left upon the ‘good will’ of the local chieftains who rule the districts with an iron hand. The locals can be herded in any which way direction with the slightest of rumors and innuendos. That’s how they’ve kept the non-Muslim to ‘know their place’ through the constant fear that their lives could be in jeopardy at any given moment. One must keep his/her head down lest it roll through the dusty market square.

International Effort to Free Advocate Veerji Kohli

In 2010, Veerji advocated in Kastoori Kolhi’s rape case. Veerji raised  a media campaign on Kastoori Kohli’s case and he took it to Supreme Court after which the Chief Justice took a suo moto action against it .   The people involved in the rape of Kastoori Kohli were also punished,  but the rape was done by the son of a powerful feudal landlord who tortured Veerji for four days in a dark room and denied him food or water.


Veerji also suffered physical and emotional abuse because he chose to stand for justice. From that time on Veerji’s life went into serious danger. He was shot at while he was in his car with his family constantly harassed and there were false cases filed against him , a case of stealing a cow and eventually a murder case in 2011 that happened in Nagarparkar while he himself was in Hyderabad. Veerji has ample witnesses proving this fact.  from 2011 to 2017, Veerji has attended around 143 court hearings, spending money on travelling, lawyers and giving so much time of his life to an accusation that is clearly false.

There is an international demand the Veerji Kohli be released from Hyderabad central jail with all charges dropped and Veerji being completely Free of any and all criminal charges that have been alleged against him. Veerji Kolhi is innocent.  His work has brought an impoverished community hope for a better future .  Veerji is an inspiration to his community.   His Freedom and Leadership are necessary for the continued protection of the indigenous people of Sindh, Pakistan.


Read it all here.

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