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Finnish gov’t 450 000 Euro grant to Muslim NGO for grand mosque venture siphoned for sharia court panel…….

There’s a lot in this to tell about.

Not only did the foolish Finnish gov’t hand over close to half a million Euros of taxpayer money to these Muslim Brotherhood operatives for the building of a mega mosque (beachhead) , one the NGO organizations invented to handle the cash is insolvent, using the money to fund their sharia court judge panel. Also, the man they voted to head that panel was convicted in a Finnish court for beating his children up.

Organization which received support of more than EUR 450 000 from the Ministry – applying Islamic law in Finland

The Muslim NGO had made their own decisions about divorces in Finland. Director who led the sharia law court was convicted of physical assault of his children.
Ilta-Sanomat reported earlier in April about the deep economic problems of the Grand Mosque project partner, Finnish Council of the Islamic Association’s (SINE), and is in enforcement provisions for tens of thousands of euros.
Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture which has granted more than EUR 450 000 for the period of 2007-2014, SINE acknowledged in annual reports submitted to the Ministry has been to finance their own sharia court committee.
In both 2011 and the 2012 annual reports, it told that the committee’s task is to select a a panel of judges for marriage and divorce issues and “other matters related to Islamic law”.
– The panel submitted its decisions and opinions on individual divorce and matrimonial matters, and to draw up recommendations for Muslims living in Finland, SINE told in the annual reports for the two years.

The 2012 annual report also explains that the (sharia court) judge panel elected a new leader of the association.

The man chosen for the chairmanship was convicted before that in 2011 by the Helsinki District Court for assaulting his family.

Ilta-Sanomat asked SINE: during the period of 2007-2014 the Ministry of Education and Culture assisted them with almost half a million euros, about their views of the legal board (sharia court).

How does the association may make decisions regarding divorce? Is that not the role of the courts in Finland, and to the Ministry of Education Senior Officer Joni Hiitola?

– Not in any way have there been any binding decisions. I understand that there have been reconciliation activities.


Annual reports talking about the Board in connection with the management matters relating to Islamic law. Are there parallel laws in Finland?


– It is at least clear that any such council interpretations have no legal binding force in Finland.


Is it certain that they have no binding force in practice in people’s lives?


– Surely such religious interpretations that have their own significance, of what kind of solutions people make.

NOTE: Kurdish-Finn researcher  makes note on Twitter about Anas Hajjar, the Muslim poobah behind all this crapola in Finland:

This is the same Mr. Hajjar who in a radio interview admired  Erdogan’s “democracy” and got angry when Turkey was criticized.


Here’s the tubster in the US visiting the Muslim Brotherhood linked Islamonazi group CAIR.



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      1. Scandinavia needs a leader in all three nations with guts to come out of the EU form a Scandinavian equivalent. Restructure immigration laws stating ‘NO MUSLIMS’ George Washing did this and it was reiterated in 1952 but Obama conveniently neglected to pay attention. G-d help us if we don’t have WWIII against Islam utilizing MOAB’s as opposed to nuclear weapons. Russia could be a good ally to Scandinavia why is Scandinavia so afraid of Russia? China has no liking of Islam either. CGTN news last week China announced she was patrolling her borders with the DPRK, not common knowledge. Also screened the execution of a number of Muslims. I make it my business to watch CGTN. Being afraid of Russia sounds more like neurotic paranoia to me!

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