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Stockholm Sweden: Al Azhar school which segregated its bus gets visit from two Soldiers of Odin…….

The school is now in spin mode, says it never intentionally segregated the bus, just separated unruly boys from the peaceful girls.

Soldiers of Odin target Muslim school in Stockholm

Far-right group Soldiers of Odin targeted a Muslim school in a Stockholm suburb following reports the school had segregated its children by gender on the bus.

The Al Azhar school in Vällingby told newspaper Stockholm Direkt that members of the anti-immigrant vigilante group had put up propaganda stickers in the schoolyard and filmed some of their pupils.


“They started filming children in the schoolyard and then they kicked a football away from some guys. When I saw them they were at the entrance and were putting up their stickers and then I called the police,” said vice principal Jane Almquist.


A Soldiers of Odin spokesperson confirmed that two of its members had been there but denied filming the children.


The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon, a day after broadcaster TV4 showed secret footage of the privately-run primary school where boys were seen entering from the front and girls from the back.


The school said it had not intentionally segregated the children by gender.


“We have confronted those in charge of transport. They said that some children had been moving around a lot and they were made to sit at the front, and those were mostly boys. Meanwhile, the girls were calmer and sat at the back,” vice principal Roger Lindquist told Dagens Nyheter.


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