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Finland: Former MEP, National Coalition Party vice-chairman says Helsinki grand mosque plan is subjugation…….

She gets some things right…

Just like all ideologies, Islam need to be run through the gauntlet of criticism and critique, and if need be (and it should be) relegated to the pantheon of ideologies that society deems as totally unacceptable. True, they should be allowed to practice Islam, but the rest of us are free to criticize and mock it to our hearts content, and I do.

“Political” IS in fact, Islam. There is not separation no matter how often many insist that it can be done. Once it does that, it ceases to be Islam. I refuse to delve in fantasy and wishful thinking.

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Grand Mosque pursues power mainly from within

Did you think that if you support human rights, you will also want a grand mosque in Helsinki? You thought wrong.


In Finland, there are several mosques, and that is fair enough. In our country, there is freedom of religion, and all citizens have the right to practice their religion. We would like for the same to occur in Islamic countries, but even if they do not, the repression in those countries does not justify the corresponding repression here. Human rights can not be regarded in a reciprocal manner, that the cutting of rights on this basis should be considered.


That does not mean anything.


The grand mosque would be a building complex on an area 12 times larger than the Helsinki Cathedral, it has nothing to do with human rights or freedom of religion. It is entirely in the image of a power struggle. It is an important symbolic project. The project involves the rule of Islam’s efforts, political Islamification, and even by a single Islamic direction.


Islam is submission, but Islamification is subjugation.


Islam is the problem when it assumes its political form and changes an individual’s spirtitual efforts to a control system. In human rights work around the world I’ve seen it too many horrifying examples, as well as my work in the euro Parliament’s Human Rights Working Group, which responded to the urgent resolutions. I’ve told them over the years numerous examples. I recommend that you read them.


We need to speak about political Islam. It is Islam, which is being promoted with force or violence in Islamic law, per state, is in no way less dangerous than, say, Nazism. Politicization followed by a very high probability of jihaidism.


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