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Finnish statist media YLE: Finns Party councillors most likely to defect, one didn’t like to be called racist……

This is the very same statist media that keeps dumping on its notable members as ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’.

Turncoats are turncoats, I have no sympathy for them whatsoever, many of whom jump ship to the party most likely to win in elections. However, one can understand on some level many are simply tired of being called a racist by the fake statist media.

HS interviews two defectors, including one from the Finns party. Jaana Siukola was a Finns Party councillor in Järvenpää until January, when she switched to the Centre Party grouping. She says it was a culmination of factors, but outside pressure was key.
“There is always this labelling as racists, which I am not,” said Siukola. “The party saw an influx of extreme elements, which was not sufficiently dealt with by the party leadership.”

Thursday’s papers: Flighty Finns Party councillors

Voting starts soon in Finland’s municipal elections, and most people will want their candidate, if elected, to stay the course in their party for the full term. That sometimes doesn’t happen. Councillors squabble and fall out and sometimes decide their natural ideological home is among some other grouping.


Helsingin Sanomat publishes a report on councillor defections  since the last local elections in 2012, and it shows the Finns Party’s people as the least loyal. Some 112 of their councillors, just under one in ten of the total elected on the party ticket, switched to a new party after the election. The biggest group, 39 councillors, went to the Centre Party. Next came ‘other parties’ with 23, followed by the National Coalition and SDP on 19 Finns Party defectors apiece.


The National Coalition Party saw the next-largest number of defections, with 51 switching to a new party since 2012, followed by the Centre (49), the SDP (31), the Left Alliance (18), the Christian Democrats (14), the Green Party (6) and the Swedish People’s Party (5).


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