Islam in the Netherlands

Dutch PM trolling in Wilder’s political waters, now (correctly) brands Muslim call to prayer ‘horrific whining’……..


There is nothing more offensive than the public call to prayer by muezzins shouting their lungs off from whatever ladder, tower or rooftop they can scramble up.

Also, it’s entirely not necessary in the modern age, it’s more of a power statement of Muslim control in an area once populated by the non-Muslim host society. Stop it. Also, it’s so obvious what Rutte is doing that it’s farcical, but I hope he keeps it up, it only proves to PVV supporters and fence sitters that Wilders was right all along.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte causes outrage branding Muslim call to prayer ‘horrific’ whining

DUTCH Prime Minister Mark Rutte has outraged Muslim leaders after describing the Islamic call to prayer singing as “horrific” whining.

Mr Rutte – who faces voters next month in the Netherlands’ parliamentary elections – was being interviewed for Holland’s Christian radio station, Evangelical Broadcast Service.

He was asked about an earlier statement, when he had called the Muslim call to prayer song “whiny music”.

The song – played from mosque minarets – has become commonplace across the Netherlands.

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