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While one can have sympathy for the boy fleeing the Taliban, he would have been better served in moving to a safer spot in Afghanistan. Upon turning the age of 18, he could then enlist into the military and fight for his country. This is not a problem of the West, these people have to remain where they are and fight for their own survival, I’m sick of our men standing in their place and getting killed for something they should be doing themselves.

PICTURED: Afghan boy, 14, who was killed in the Calais Jungle after climbing onto a lorry with his cousin, 17, when the ‘driver swerved left and right to knock him off’ 

  • A 14-year-old boy was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Calais, France
  • The boy, from Afghanistan, was trying to get on a lorry heading for Britain
  • Lorry ‘swerved left and right’ and flung him into path of oncoming traffic
  • He had applied to go to UK and was legally entitled to but progress slow 
Pictured: The 14-year-old boy from Afghanistan killed in the Calais Jungle camp after trying to stow away on a lorry

Pictured: The 14-year-old boy from Afghanistan killed in the Calais Jungle camp after trying to stow away on a lorry

This is the 14-year-old boy killed in a hit-and-run in Calais when a lorry driver ‘swerved left and right’ as he clung to the roof and flung him into oncoming traffic.

The child, from Afghanistan, had been in the infamous Jungle camp for six months when his 17-year-old cousin helped him onto the roof as the lorry slowed on the motorway approaching the port on Friday.

In a bid to stowaway and join his brother in the UK, he clung to the roof but the lorry swerved in the road to shake him off and he was reportedly run over by three or four other lorries.

Other migrants rushed to help the boy, described as ‘kind and gentle’ by friends but he died at the scene. The lorry did not stop, the Guardian reported.

He had applied to come to the UK to join his brother – which is permitted under reunification laws – months ago but started trying to stow away because progress so slow, a Calais charity said.

Aid group Care4Calais claimed he had fled his home country ‘after the Taliban prevented him from attending school and tried to force him to join them and become a suicide bomber’.

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