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If she was really serious about justice against Islamic State she would be calling for this first:


To be followed by this:

Image result for nuremberg executions

But she won’t, she says:

“…just bombing the group is ‘not enough.’ ‘You can’t kill an idea that way,’ said Clooney. ‘I think one of the ways to take action against that is to expose their brutality and their corruption . And part of the way to do that is through trial.’ “

Sure you can kill an idea that way, bomb the crap out of them, then haul the remaining varmints before an international court and give them the death penalty. The message to the greater ‘ummah’ will be, sharia advocacy (that’s the purpose of the jihad) for the rest of the world is not an option. But Clowny, like her B-actor husband George, doesn’t want to include islam into the picture, so they’re frauds.

‘This is my job’: Amal Clooney fights back tears speaking about risking her life to take on ISIS and how George feels about her dangerous new case

Amal Clooney fights back tears speaking about taking ISIS to court

An emotional Amal Clooney spoke about her latest high-profile case during an interview on Today Monday morning (left), revealing that she is preparing to take ISIS to court. The human rights lawyer appeared on the program alongside her newest client Nadia Murad (top right), who was captured by the terrorist group when she was just 19 and became a sex slave.

Clooney (bottom, right with husband George) spoke about how Nadia was at times raped by two men at a time until she ‘fell unconscious.’ Nadia said that ISIS members killed six of her eight brothers and her mother when they stormed her town in the northern Iraq two years ago during the Yazidi genocide

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  1. Camal Looney- fatwa coming for her; how shocked would she be?
    NOT Islam… MY islam???

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