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Loser elites and low information voters.

WSJ circle jerks and the RNC / RINOS/Fox News in general are reason why there’s a divide. Blovatious populist exploits where a principled conservative takes measured steps to explain classical liberalism. Attention span these days are so low….Saul Alinskyite tactics prove more effective, sad, but true.

Reihan Salam: GOP Divided Between “People Who Read The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page,” And Those Watching Dr. Oz Show

National Review editor Reihan Salam explains his view of the divide within the Republican Party sparked by Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday’s ‘Face The Nation’ on CBS.

REIHAN SALAM, NATIONAL REVIEW: My sense is that Donald Trump’s style, the braggadociousness, is priced in for voters.

If you look at the surveys, it looks as though Hillary Clinton’s support with the Obama coalition is softening.

If you look at younger voters, it’s softening pretty drastically. Even among younger black men, it seems there is some weakness here.

Whereas if you look at Donald Trump, there is certainly what folks in many media outlets talk about, the birther controversy, among other things, which I’m sure we’ll talk more about now. But he’s proposed a new social program for working mothers. He went on the Dr. Oz show, which by the way, is a show that’s watched by many of the voters he’s seeking to reach, and he praised Medicaid.

And he suggested that we ought to expand the Medicaid program further.

So when you think about trying to get through in one channel, the people who read the “Wall Street Journal” editorial page, and then trying the reach another channel, think about the married white women in a state like Pennsylvania, the people that he hasn’t been able to reach, the people who have been reluctant to join his campaign.

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