Burkini Cities Against Islamization France


Personally I think that we are way past banning islamofashion, civilization jihad has entered every facet of our lives.

If we do not curtail Muslim immigration/migration to the West, these types of laws will be short lived, as the new masters on the block take matters into their own hands and impose sharia norms on us.

End of the burkini? Nice becomes latest French town to BAN Islamic swimsuit

THE burkini faces being outlawed across France after the Riviera city of Nice became the latest to ban the Islamic swimsuit from its beaches.


A woman wearing a burkiniAFP

Nice has become the latest French city to ban the burkini

Officials specifically referenced the Islamic State (ISIS) Bastille Day terror attacks in the city as they announced the tough new measure.

City hall chiefs brought in new laws outlawing any garment which “overtly manifests adherence to a religion at a time when France and places of worship are the target of terrorist attacks”.

Nice is just the latest in a string of seaside towns to ban the burkina, igniting an intense debate about secularism and the state in France.

The controversial burka is already outlawed in the country, which has long prided itself on the separation of religion from government.

A woman in the sea wearing a burkiniAFP

City hall chiefs outlawed the garment saying it is not compatible with French values

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