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The reality speaks otherwise:

86.8% Middle East professionals agree Ramadan one of favorite times of year – 6 in 10 respondents believe Ramadan lifts morale at work

DUBAI: It is no secret that Ramadan can bring out the best in people. Dedicated to reflection, restraint, generosity and unity, the holy month draws families and friends together to share and reflect-and for professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), the spirit of Ramadan carries from home to the workplace. According to the new “Ramadan in the Middle East Workplace” poll, carried out by, the Middle East’s leading career site, a majority of MENA professionals (86.8 percent) agree that Ramadan is one of their favorite times of the year.

More than half (53.7 percent) of MENA respondents feel that they socialize more than usual with their colleagues during Ramadan. In keeping with a heightened morale and a more sociable atmosphere at work, a slightly higher percentage (56.3 percent) of MENA professionals believe that there is a noticeable increase in their company’s charitable activity during Ramadan.

Favorable atmosphere
With a favorable workplace atmosphere during the holy month, responses are fairly evenly split when it comes to taking time off from work. 53.7 percent of respondents say that they do not take time off during Ramadan and 46.3 percent say that they do at least occasionally. Similarly, just over half (56.9 percent) of respondents travel on the Eid break while the rest (43.1 percent) do not.

Of course, Ramadan sentiments of illumination and compassion are evident in MENA professionals’ personal lives as well. The vast majority (96.1 percent) of respondents say that they use Ramadan to reflect on their life and become a better person, and almost as many respondents (94.9 percent) say that they personally give more to charity during the holy month.

Additionally, more than eight in ten (81.1 percent) MENA professionals feel that they see more family and friends during Ramadan and a slightly higher number (83.1 percent) believe that their lifestyle habits are healthier for the month. It is evident that Ramadan has many positive effects on the MENA region, lifting people’s spirits and enabling their generosity-and these can be seen in many ways in the workplace.

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