Finnish Immigration Concerns


I’ve already stated my views on SOO, I’m not excited about, nor approve of their ideologically grounded views, but thankful if their presence stops even one assault. 

Seeing that citizens have no right to carry concealed handguns, something had to be done to deliver an immediate sense of security. I would rather that a similar group like Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels group would have been formed….but this is what we have.

Dwindling street patrols

This week’s final paper review looks at how the Soldiers of Odin street patrols have tailed off across the country, a lucky break for a sports commentator, Microsoft offering sacked workers job-seeking aid and a very special dog.


Finland’s papers feature a spectrum of news this Friday. Image: Yle

Top Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat runs a main domestic story on street patrols – or rather, a lack thereof. According to the paper, police say that the anti-immigrant organisation Soldiers of Odin has all but packed up its bags in at least ten different cities.

An SOO member anonymously says in the article that recruiting new patrollers is difficult; another says that the group has “no current activities” and that “something bad should happen” for the patrols to start up again.

Many police say that patrols in a number of cities have been minor to begin with, and that most of the groups have tapered off entirely. One researcher nonetheless says that SOO has not gone away, and that the group still exists on social media.

“The groups are still at the ready if something should happen to reassemble them,” Tommi Kotonen says in HS.

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  1. More than likely extreme pressure was put on members of SOO, the government agencies, especially the Police can make their lives a living hell.

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