Norway Paleostinians


Ah….even if they promise not to directly use Norwegian aid money, the money sent frees up money elsewhere to fund these jackals.

A source tells me:

Yesterday the Norwegian foreign minister, Brende, met with Abbas in Ramallah. He told Abbas that the payment to the prisoners is unacceptable and should stop. Abbas repeated that it is not Norwegian money that is used to fund this. Brende agreed with this, but said that PA should stop the payments, «for their own good».

– The support program for prisoners is unacceptable

CHALLENGED ABBAS: During a meeting in Ramallah asked Brende Mahmoud Abbas to halt the flow of money to terrorists in Israeli prisons. Photo: Frode Overland Andersen, Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Wednesday 04, May 2016, at. 11:56 Updated: Wednesday 04, May 2016, at. 11:56

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  1. don’t look too close. millions have armed, fed and funded terrorists from the west.

    you MIGHT find out you funded the bombers. Like that makes a difference

  2. “…Abbas repeated that it is not Norwegian money that is used to fund this..”

    If you pay taxes – and commit a serious crime – and you get shot by police – was it your specific tax dollar that paid for the bullet that shot you??? The very nature of money is that once pooled with other funds, it cannot be traced.

    What a disingenuous , stupid statement for Abbas to make. Does he think everyone he speaks to is so stupid? He is treating that guy’s intelligence with contempt. OK, maybe deservedly so – but for different reasons.

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