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She and her cohorts are dildo-sharia activists.

Coined by Fjordman, “Dildo-Sharia” characterizes those Leftists who actively support standard leftist issues, while giving full throated support to the Muslim community which works towards the eventual destruction of those same values they claim to champion.


The debate in Gothenburg became less about free speech and more about Lars Vilks’ person and his purpose with his work. Åsa Linderborg was frustrated Lars Vilks evasive style. Why doesn’t he  be more against anti-Muslim meetings, when Muslims are likened to rats?

– Do not you hear yourself mumble? If you never speak up then I regard you as a fellow collaborator.

Linderborg: Vilks is both brave and cowardly

Lars Vilks, Åsa Linderborg, Belinda Olsson and Janne Josefsson.

Lars Vilks, Åsa Linderborg, Belinda Olsson and Janne Josefsson. Photo: Marko Säävälä / TT

GOTHENBURG. Lars Vilks has survived several assassination attempts. But the commitment to him in Sweden IS shaky. Ignore Swedish journalists in the death threatened Scanian artist?

That was the question when Aftonbladet’s cultural section Åsa Linderborg met Lars Vilks in the debate on journalism conference Dig.

Åsa Linderborg began by going directly to Lars Vilks and question his purposes. Why he did not protest when he moves in anti-Muslim circles?

– You are both very brave and very cowardly. You make art that really has an impact. At the same time, you do not seriously discuss what your a dog really means, said culture chief.

Lars Vilks repeated what he has said on many occasions: it is interesting for an artist to blame and become the object of suspicion. All responses will be part of his ever-growing work of art, which began in 2007 with an ink drawing of the Prophet Mohammed as a dog.

– Åsa Linderborg has called me “Sweden’s most cowardly artist”. It is such a title as a process artist dreams of. Asa has been one of the main contributors to my work, said Vilks while his armed bodyguards scanned the courtroom with serious faces.

The audience at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg consisted of hundreds of investigative journalists at the conference Dig. SVT’s Belinda Olsson and Janne Josefsson led debate.

Increase in security was massively. Cops everywhere, metal detectors and body searches for all who wanted to come in and listen.

– If a terrorist wants, so he can still always come in here. It’s only to crash into an aircraft, said a woman in line at the security checkpoint.

Vilks presence in journalism conference had been kept secret.The news of his involvement was released in the afternoon, a few hours before the debate starter. When was the discussion leader Janne Josefsson already upset. Several journalist colleagues had sought him out to tell us that it was wrong to invite the death threatened the artist.

– An experienced journalist said to me: “How can you expose 700 people for this by inviting him?” For me it is incomprehensible. We’re supposed to stand for free speech, said Janne Josefsson.

Since Lars Vilks ‘art work ‘ The Prophet Mohammed as a dog “became known in summer 2007, the terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, IS and al-Shabaab called on his supporters to kill the 69-year-old artist.

More here in Swedish.

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids own interview of Lars Vilks is here, taken a day after his art exhibition of Dog Mohamed in Stockholm Sweden in 2008.

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  1. If Lars wants to draw Mohammed then it is his right. Anyone who criticises his right to draw Mohammed is a Sharia supporter and thus my political enemy.

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