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I always greatly disliked sports trainers and coaches working for the teams of other countries than their own, it also includes former PM’s.

This is the maroon who was PM of Finland during the 90’s while it was still a sovereign nation, then he led it into the EU. The rest is history. Now he’s helping to develop the economy of the Russian fascist government.

muslim invasion of europe

Ex-PM: Job at state-owned Russian bank ‘wouldn’t be political’

Former Prime Minister of Finland Esko Aho says that his possible board position at the state-owned Russian bank Sberbank is not a political job. Aho also told Yle that western sanctions are only the third most significant problem facing the Russian economy.

Esko Aho.
Esko Aho. Image: Yle

Finland’s former Prime Minister Esko Aho has been nominated to join the board of Russia’s biggest bank, Sberbank. Speaking to Yle on Monday, he said that he didn’t see anything political in the post.

“My job is to help the bank’s development and in that way help the Russian economy,” said former PM and Centre Party leader Aho. “I am not a political actor in any respect. If the bank begins to succeed, there could also be a positive effect on the Finnish economy.”

Sberbank has restricted access to US and EU capital markets after the EU and US imposed sanctions on the bank following Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Aho says that most of the bank’s operations continue as normal, but it has difficulty finding capital on longer terms than 30 days.

Aho also chairs the board of EastOffice, a coalition of Finnish firms that works to advance their interests in the Russian market. He says that the issue of sanctions and trade with Russia has been painted too black and white.

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